“Needs to be committed” – Charlamagne Warns of Kanye West Not Being Around Much Longer if He Continues With His Drama

“Needs to be committed” – Charlamagne Warns of Kanye West Not Being Around Much Longer if He Continues With His Drama

Charlamagne has some strong opinions on Kanye West. Ye has been under heavy scrutiny since the last few weeks for his controversial statements. Even his long-term partner, Adidas, broke relations with him after his anti-Semitic remarks. Ye was also spotted wearing White Lives Matter t-shirt at the Paris Fashion week and commenting on the George Floyd incident, which further attracted heat.

But that has not stopped him from giving interviews and continues to make appearances on podcasts and interviews. His recent chat with Alex Jones even shocked his fans, as he praised Hitler’s ideas and continued to defend his rhetoric about the Jewish community. Now, The Breakfast Club co-host has spoken on his independent thoughts about the rapper’s actions.

Why Charlamagne thinks that Kanye West may not be around for longer

Radio host Charlamagne The God has expressed concerns about Ye’s behavior in recent times. He co-hosts The Breakfast Club along with Angela Yee and DJ Envy. During one episode, they all agreed on how Ye needs to stop getting more screen time. His last appearance on InfoWars shook everyone, including host Alex Jones, when the artist made some bold statements about Hitler and the Jewish community. YouTube even had a meeting over the decision to remove some of the clips from the interview to avoid raising anti-Semitic sentiment amongst people.

Man, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Kanye is moving like a person who doesn’t feel like he’s going to be here much longer.” The host thinks that fans should not support and watch his content. He also shared how he thinks “That man needs to be committed to an institution.” He feels that the rapper is levying his internal pain on himself and other people and it will not end well for him.

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Ye also claimed that Hitler invented the microphone, which the radio host fact-checked and proved to be wrong. In the end, Charlamagne feels that the rapper needs to lean into God in the real sense and stop offending people before it is too late.

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