Nathan and Holly Don’t Seem To Care About the Rule or the Money: Check Out Their Steamy Time on the Island

Nathan and Holly Don’t Seem To Care About the Rule or the Money: Check Out Their Steamy Time on the Island

An entertaining game with rules and people from across the globe on a paradise island. This is the premise of the Netflix hit reality TV show Too Hot To Handle. The show’s third season aired on 19th January 2022 on the streaming platform. Since its release, it had been the most entertaining season of the show. Filled with romantic dramas, emotions, and a lot of rule-breaking. Significantly, this season made history by being the season with the most rules broken and also the first season that witnesses a couple winning the show. However, the former news was quite fun. The two contestants, Nathan and Holly, couldn’t keep their hands off each other since their eyes locked.

Nathan and Holly, the biggest rule-breakers of the show

Too Hot to Handle season 3 turned out to be one of the best seasons of the show so far. The fans were hooked on the show to see the latest antics of the power couple, Nathan and Holly. Since the first episode, they were all over each other. Furthermore, it seemed like they forgot which show they were on. With their steamy intimacy and closeness, they probably didn’t care about the rules or the money. Here’s a recap of the couple’s time together in paradise.

Following the duo’s kisses in the pool, the game host, Lana, applied a harsher punishment. Because the group members were not learning their lessons, rule violations from episode two onward would be twice as expensive. During their reunion, Nathan says, “Any regret that I have is we didn’t spend more,” referring to his kiss with Holly Scarfone, to which she replies, “Exactly! Exactly!, Lets go”. 

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The prize money exhaustion

Sharing several kisses, making out in the pool, or in the room, Nathan and Holly didn’t realize how much their actions cost. They broke five rules in one night, costing the group $30,000. Lana had put a heavy price on continuing such activities. However, by the look of it, it probably didn’t seem to apply to Nathan and Holly.

After Lana’s rule update, Nathan and Holly spent another $57,000 for sharing two kisses. For failing the test during their stay in the suite, they were fined an extra $12,000. This resulted in their money being exhausted. However, after they confessed their love for each other, they finally got a green light for intimacy. Overall, it was a season for the fans to remember.

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Too Hot To Handle is now streaming on Netflix. Check out the steamy drama unfolding on a paradise island.

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