Naomi Scott, Who Plays Olivia, Isn’t Disappointed by the “open-ended” Ending of ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

Naomi Scott, Who Plays Olivia, Isn’t Disappointed by the “open-ended” Ending of ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’

David E. Kelley’s Anatomy of a Scandal is trending at #3 on Netflix’s top 10 chart globally. The drama tackles a sensitive subject, and questions privilege and the corruption associated with power. James Whitehouse wrongs all 3 women on the show: Sophie Whitehouse, Kae Woodcroft, and Olivia Lytton. But Lytton doesn’t get a closure like the other two. In a recent interview, Olivia Lytton actor Naomi Scott shared that she’s satisfied with the “open-ending.

Naomi: I think it’s better to be open-ended than try to do something just for the sake of it

When Naomi starts as an intern at the Parliament, she starts a torrid affair with James Whitehouse. A minister in the parliament, James thinks he is above all. But things start upside down for him when he stands trial for allegations of rape. Naomi his former lover accuses him of sexual assault. This sets off a chain of reactions for James and his wife Sophie, who is unable to digest the news of her husband cheating. But the court acquits James of his crimes.

Naomi confessed that she and director S.J Clarkson had shot a final scene for Anatomy of a Scandal. However, “it didn’t feel right for the character.” 

In fact, Naomi Scott thinks it perfectly reflects the experiences of sexual assault survivors in real life. She explained,Not having this specific resolution makes her more of a symbol of people who go through [similar experiences].”

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Even Sienna was content with her character’s arc in Anatomy of a Scandal

“I like to imagine that Sophie and the children live on the coast in Dorset and have a very, very normal, simple life, and the chain of ‘we are Whitehouses’ is broken and she really starts to educate them in the realities of living a normal existence,” said Miller.

Sienna Miller played the vulnerable Sophie who has her world turned upside down after her husband’s illicit affair made headlines. But in the end, she stabs her husband in the back, and hands over evidence of his other crimes to Kate to lock him up for good. 

Anatomy of a Scandal is currently streaming on Netflix.

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