“My work is done” – Prince Harry Reveals How King Charles Called Him a ‘spare’ Minutes After His Birth

“My work is done” – Prince Harry Reveals How King Charles Called Him a ‘spare’ Minutes After His Birth

Prince Harry’s memoir is going to be no less than a dynamite for Britain’s royal family. The name Spare itself suggests that the royal will not be holding back while discussing the traumas of his childhood and adult life. Since his birth, Prince Harry has been referred to as spare by the British tabloids. 

Prince William is called the heir, while his younger brother is given the title of being an extra considering the succession in the royal household. Meanwhile, what might surprise you is that not only the media but the royal members also called Prince Harry a spare right from his birth. In his memoir, the Duke revisited the conversation his father had with his mother, Princess Diana, following his entry into the world. 

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Prince Harry gets into the details of his birth

According to Guardian, in Spare, Prince Harry revealed his father’s first words after his birth. King Charles told his then-wife Princess Diana, “Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare, my work is done.” Notably, the younger prince is not very fond of his father and there have often been rumors about a cold war between them.

Apart from his father, the Duke launched an attack on his brother as well for making his life miserable. He accused his brother of physically harming him at his London home in 2019. As per the Sussex royal, Prince William once lost his cool and knocked him down. The heir to the throne also called his sister-in-law Meghan Markle, rude, difficult, and abrasive.

Did King Charles try to reconcile with his younger son?

While Prince Harry is all set to explore his difficult relationship with his father in the memoir, the royal sources are busy defending King Charles. A number of palace insiders have claimed that the monarch made a lot of attempts in the past two years to improve the relationship with the Duke. 

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His Majesty offered Prince and Meghan Markle twice to visit him in the United Kingdom with their children last year. They were also sent an invitation to join Christmas celebrations in Sandringham in 2022. 

What are your thoughts about the relationship between Prince Harry and King Charles? Drop your views in the comments. 

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    Spoiled little rich kids, whine when not getting their own way! Anything for publicity and more money! Don’t buy the book, just gives H more money after trying to take down his family. Why would the Royals ever let him back in, he is disgraceful; he also knows that he can say anything he wants as the King & William will not respond!

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