“My wife refused to stay”- How D L Hughley Opened Up About the Aftermath of Threats From Kanye West

“My wife refused to stay”- How D L Hughley Opened Up About the Aftermath of Threats From Kanye West

Kanye West can not only make controversial statements; he can also be intimidating. The Donda Rapper has been an epicenter of cancerous things since he started making an increasing number of controversial statements in the last few months. The once-billionaire is much appreciated for his musical talents, however, even that has taken a back seat for a while.

In the process of practicing his ‘freedom of speech,‘ the entertainer has lost many allies, who are now criticizing him for his behavior. However, neither that nor the depletion of his wealth has stopped Ye from doing what he wishes to. For D.L. Hughley, calling out Ye for it all did not turn out to be a very happy experience.

What did Kanye West do when D.L. Hughley called him out?

D.L. Hughley was at the receiving end of the stick once for calling Kanye West. As per Wegotthiscovered, the comedian’s wife was scared after he and West had a heated argument. Talking to VLAD TV he said, “My wife refused to stay at home for a few days.” That is because when Hughley and Ye had an argument over the phone, then Ye took on the former through social media by saying, “I can afford to hurt u.” He also referred to Hughley as a drug addict.

Then he followed it with another post wherein he posted, “Yoooo God is good“, after realizing that the comedian lived in Calabasas just like him.

The duo engaged in a phone call later that night wherein Ye accused the comedian of calling him a stalker. The 59-year-old had previously called out the rapper for harassing his former wife Kim Kardashian. The comedian stood by the Kardashian and explained how Ye’s behavior was not funny, and would not even want his own daughter to face all that.

Hughley, in fact, posted on Twitter about how the rapper has goons to kill for him, but no one to help him fill his prescription drugs. That just makes the comedian one of the many people to speak up against Ye. But the comedian’s wife certainly did not take Ye’s threat lightly.

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