“My personal life was s—ty…” – Shailene Woodley Gets Candid About Her ‘Darkest Period’ in Life After Splitting From Her Fiancé, Aaron Rodgers

“My personal life was s—ty…” – Shailene Woodley Gets Candid About Her ‘Darkest Period’ in Life After Splitting From Her Fiancé, Aaron Rodgers

Being a famous personality has its own ways of torturing one. As much as they try to keep their private life private, it mentally takes a toll on them. While many celebrities have opened up about their personal lives, recently, Shailene Woodley opened up about her relationship with her now ex-fiance, Aaron Rodgers.

In February 2022, The Fault in Our Stars actress and her fiancé, the NFL giant Aaron Rodgers, broke off their engagement. While Woodley had not spoken on the matter, Rodgers posted a week after their breakup on his Instagram story. He said Woolen had shown him what unconditional love felt like. However, recently, Fox News reported the statement of the Big Little Lies actress.

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Shailene Woodley opened up about the darkest period of her life

While talking about her relationship with the ex-fiance, Woodley said it was hard because it was the darkest period of her life after they broke off their engagement. When they called off their engagement, Woodley was shooting for her a series titled Three Women. “It was winter in New York, and my personal life was s—ty, so it felt like a big pain bubble for eight months,” said the actress.

While she felt a sense of gratitude for having to go to work and release her emotions through her character. She also revealed this was her first ever famous relationship, and it changed how she used and looked at social media. The actress wouldn’t want to reveal details from her personal life.

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However, even she posted anything on her social media, it made her feel like she shared too much. She didn’t understand people’s desires to know more about her and the NFL star, Aaron Rodgers’ lives. Although after going through the darkness, the 31-year-old actress would focus on herself.

As she said, she loved getting older; now that she’s growing, she doesn’t want to bother herself with what others think about her. Well, Shailene Woodley is now moving forward with a positive attitude.

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