“My life changed from…” – Broke Lil Yachty Only Had $70 Before Kanye West’s Yeezy Show, Rest Is History

“My life changed from…” – Broke Lil Yachty Only Had $70 Before Kanye West’s Yeezy Show, Rest Is History

Over the years, many musicians have left an impact on the music industry. However, none of them has influenced the music industry in the way Kanye West has. While in recent times, the rapper finds himself surrounded by controversies and legal problems, West once influenced a generation of rappers with his music. Renowned rappers like Kid Cudi and Drake have credited West and called him a legend. But do you know, West’s show even helped Lil Yachty back in the day?

To achieve massive success with nothing but a “dollar and dream” has been a path that most of the rappers have been on. Like many, the iSpy hit maker Lil Yachty had a tough time when he first started. The rapper had to go through a tough path and was almost broke. But do you know when the actor struggled for his meals it was not music that helped him through.

Lil Yachty was a model for Kanye West back when he was “almost broke?”

Almost a year ago, Lil Yachty took to Twitter where in he told his fans about the days when he was almost broke. Back in 2016, the rapper had only $70 in his pocket. And interestingly, it was not music but modelling that helped Yachty through his tough time. Surprising as it sounds, Yachty revealed how he used his buddy pass to fly to New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The Poland hitmaker was broke modelling for Kanye West’s Life of Pablo/Yeezy show almost eight years ago.

Furthermore, Yachty expressed his gratitude as the rapper wrote, “I was mad excited and I feel like my life changed from this day on.” Meanwhile, the Speed me Up rapper thanked his mother and even his friend Ian. Apparently, Ian Connor is a model and it was him who invited Yachty to West’s show. As per Creative Lofting, the duo met at the Los Angeles airport.

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However, almost 8 years since then, it seems like Yachty’s life came back full circle. As of late, the Poland hitmaker is an extremely successful musician and rapper. From having nearly $100 in his pocket to having a show on his life premiering soon on HBO, the rapper has come a long way. Very recently, Yachty’s fifth studio album Let’s Start Here also released worldwide.

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