“My hunch is that he did not like me…” – Throwback to When James Franco Opened Up About Henry Cavill Not Liking Him While Filming ‘Tristan & Isolde’

“My hunch is that he did not like me…” – Throwback to When James Franco Opened Up About Henry Cavill Not Liking Him While Filming ‘Tristan & Isolde’

James Franco is undeniably an incredibly talented and versatile actor. Over the years, Franco has starred in a number of films and worked alongside a plethora of brilliant stars. However, despite being a wonderful actor, The Interview star has a reputation for being tough to deal with on the sets. As surprising as it sounds, Franco has been known to rub quite a number of his co-stars the wrong way. Interestingly, it seems like even the Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill shared animosity with Franco and previously, the 127 Hours star shed some light on the same.

Henry Cavill has starred in a plethora of films and shows throughout his prolific acting career. And among the various co-stars Cavill worked with, one is James Franco. The duo worked together in the 2006 film Tristan & Isolde. However, it seems like Cavill was not having it as Franco revealed that the British star did not like him very much. In a film review that Franco wrote for Vice in 2013, he opened up about his time alongside Cavill while filming Tristan & Isolde. Franco mentioned, “I played Tristan and he played my backstabbing sidekick. My hunch is that he didn’t like me very much.”

The actor did not blame Cavill for the same. The Pineapple Express star continued that he was not sure about what Cavill felt towards him, but back then he would not have liked himself either. Franco admitted to being a difficult young actor who took “himself too seriously.” Elsewhere, Franco even made a surprising revelation. Apparently, he was also in attendance during the premier of the Man Of Steel back in 2013. However, the 44-year-old made a very low-key appearance since he felt that Cavill did not want him at the premiere.

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It might surprise you to know, but James Franco is no stranger to having tensions on the set. Previously, he went a little too far with his method acting and ended up repeatedly punching Gibson in the face while filming their boxing scenes.

When a co-star crowned Henry Cavill as the hottest man on the planet

Apart from his incredible physique and acting, Cavill is also known for his looks. We are no strangers to people falling in awe of the Man of Steel star’s good looks. However, it seems like even various Hollywood stars cannot help but praise the Enola Holmes actor for being so good-looking.

Previously, during one of her red carpet interviews, Amy Adams did not hesitate as she called Cavill the “hottest man on the planet.” Furthermore, she added that Cavill could easily distract people with his looks.

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