“My guilty pleasure is back” – Fans Go Berserk as ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 Make Its Way to Netflix

“My guilty pleasure is back” – Fans Go Berserk as ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 Make Its Way to Netflix

The ratings attained with shows such as Bridgerton, Sex/Life, and movies like 365 Days are definitely something Netflix would show its parents. Projects that sew in a love story and a notorious affair between good-looking people and, of course, lay it bare, have proven to be spectacularly successful for OTT Mogul. Therefore, it does not come as a shock that Netflix has decided to give Sex/Life another run, by releasing its second season on March 02. 

From picking sides to the pure bliss of seeing Season 1 stunner Brad on the screens again, fans have a lot of reactions. The series, just as promised by the trailer, proved to be an exciting and emotional rollercoaster for fans.

What to expect from Sex/Life Season 2?

The first season was the work of Stacy Rukeyser and based on 44 Chapters about 4 men by BB Easton. With chemistry strong enough to leave a shrill up your spine and an impressive plot twist with a thrilling storyline, the series has the viewers wrapped around its fingers. Sex/Life Season 2 follows a similar trope of characters who feel so right in each other’s arms, except one step towards each other causes a fire in their world.

This season, instead of making Billie the main character, opts for a more carousel-like approach, allowing fans to get invested in the twist and turns of every character’s life.

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Apart from Sarah Shahi as Billie, Mike Vogel as her husband, and Adam Demos as the irresistible ex, Margaret Odette owns the spotlight of Season 2 alongside new cast members Wallis Day, Dariush Homayoon, Cleo Anthony, and Dylan Bruce.

Another not-so-flattering change is that this season wraps up within six episodes as opposed to the previous one, which had eight.

When you have a cast as spectacular as that of Sex/Life, you let them do most of the talking. And that is what the makers did with the series and fans were absolutely smitten. Moreover, another progress since Season 1 is two of the characters that fans were rooting for to end up together have declared themselves a couple off-screen.

Brad Simon: The real main character

With a show like Sex/Life, you can not walk in with an intact moral compass and have to strive to find a common ground with any character. And fans know just what connects them to Brad Simon. It is the Australian hunk, Adam Demos, who plays him.

Fans understood why Billie, despite the hazard ahead, found herself walking to him. And now that the actors have announced their relationship with each other, viewers are zapped by their romantic scenes. Safe to say, Billie may be the main character in the plot, but for the viewers, it is none other than Brad Simon. 

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