“….my brother blamed me,” – Throwback to the Time When Sydney Sweeney Spoke About How She Missed Her Childhood and Her Parents’ Heartbreaking Divorce

“….my brother blamed me,” – Throwback to the Time When Sydney Sweeney Spoke About How She Missed Her Childhood and Her Parents’ Heartbreaking Divorce

Sydney Sweeney might have become a megastar with her back-to-back hit shows and films, but from the inside, she is still a small-town girl. The Spokane native never misses a chance to express her love for the small town she belongs to and often shares small anecdotes from her life before she became an actress.

It won’t be wrong to say that the actress is pretty close to her family members and does not miss a moment when it comes to spending time with them. However, a few years ago, her family’s situation was not as great as it is today.

The 25-year-old has spoken about this plenty of times, including how her family left everything to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a star. And of course, she is a woman of her word, and she did everything she promised her parents, but her path to the success she is enjoying today was not easy.

It is not just that she was struggling with getting roles in the films; she was also dealing with her parent’s divorce and their worsening financial condition. And all of this made her miss her childhood home more. But what did she do in that case?

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Sydney Sweeney misses her childhood

Being a small-town girl, her life was completely different in LA from what she had in Spokane. She used to go there every day and have a great time with her cousins. While she was in her hometown, she had a happy and loving family; her mom, dad, and brother, Trent, used to be together like one unit.

Sweeney moved to LA when she was just 14. However, soon before she turned eighteen, her parents got divorced. It was a really tough time for her, as she was struggling at work as well as at home. She said in an interview with Cosmopolitan last year, “And when my parents were getting a divorce, my brother blamed me.”

She mentioned that she enjoyed the new city in the beginning, as it was a new routine for her. However, she had to struggle a lot to fit into it while she was getting used to the constant hunt for roles. But what was that one thing that Sweeney blames herself for?

Sweeney shared the anecdotes about her father’s bankruptcy

Things took a turn for the worse when they moved to LA. Her parents sold their Spokane house, which is something she had always wanted to buy, and were almost bankrupt in LA when her dad lost his job. Although they did not let the Euphoria actress take the blame for that, she knew it was she who was responsible for all of this.

However, she is doing multiple payout projects now and is now in way better condition. She has even launched her own production house, Fifty Fifty Films, under which she is intended to produce loads of films.

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