“Must have consequences”- ADL Demands Visa Rejection for Kanye West Ahead of His Australian Visit With Bianca Censori

“Must have consequences”- ADL Demands Visa Rejection for Kanye West Ahead of His Australian Visit With Bianca Censori

Struggles are on to stop Kanye West from going international. The celebrity has been trending in the news for mostly negative news in the past few months. That has brought him under major fire, with different establishments distancing themselves from the rapper. He went on to different interviews continuing with his comments, until disappearing for a long.

Speculations began over his disappearance. Amidst it all, the news of him being married for the second time started surfacing. The Donda singer married his Australian Yeezy employee, and now he is looking to visit the land down under to meet her family. But the ADL is on their own task of ensuring that does not happen. Here is what they are attempting.

ADL attempts a plea for the visa rejection of Kanye West ahead of his Australia visit

Will Kanye West be able to meet his in-laws? That is to be seen. As per The Jerusalem Post, the ADL (Anti-defamation Commission) is trying to get him banned for his anti-semitic comments. Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Dvir Abramovich, said, “Calling for violence and hate must have consequences, and Australia should not put out the welcome mat.” He reminded people of the comments by the artist that describes the Jewish community as people of greed, power, and control.

The group’s head tagged Ye as a blatant anti-Semitic individual who praised Hitler, a man responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million people, including children. Australian Government is being pressurized to use section 501 of the Migration Act to refuse entry for the entertainer.

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The act allows for the cancellation of visits for non-residents on the basis of character. Although he is likely visiting to meet his new wife’s family, the Jewish community has fears of him repeating his views. His wife Bianca Censori was born and brought up in the city of Melbourne. West and Censori had a private marriage, but no paperwork has been done to make it official yet. It will be seen if ADL succeeds in having his visa rejected, as the group claims increased attacks on their community since Ye’s comments.

Do you think Kanye West should not be allowed in Australia as per the ADL? Comment your thoughts.


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