Multiple Grammy Winner Billie Eilish Reveals the Upside of Being Famous at a Young Age

Multiple Grammy Winner Billie Eilish Reveals the Upside of Being Famous at a Young Age

Megastar Billie Eilish brought a whole new wave of pop and is currently surfing the tide of its success. Most can only dream of achieving what Billie has done at such a young age. Winning sixteen Grammy Music Awards is no joke. On top of that, Eilish added an Academy Award for the best original song in 2022 to her already shining closet of awards. At the mere age of eleven, the now Academy Award-winning singer took her first steps into songwriting.

Inspired by her mother and brother, who are both musicians, Billie Eilish, made a song out of the titles and dialogues of the popular zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead. After an impressive, commercially and critically, debut in 2017 with Don’t Smile at Me when she was just sixteen years old, she has not looked back. With success came a lot of fame and a lot of judgments about everything from her craft to the way she looked. Speaking to Tom Disalvo, Billie spoke about how she now sees the upside of fame.

Billie Eilish speaks on learning to accept fame

The pop star has had a lot of unwanted eyes on her ever since a young age. Both of Billie Eilish’s parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell are loved artists themselves. After skyrocketing to fame in 2019 with the worldwide success of her single Bad Guy from the brilliant album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go the media became obsessed with Eilish. The singer who was homeschooled as a child and is introverted in general did not take the change smoothly. And to further cause the trigger was when photos of her in her workout clothes became viral and she became the target of body shaming. The singer said she ”hated going outside’‘ following the photos going viral.

A pandemic and a lot of self-reflecting later, the singer says that she learned to grow comfortable with fame. Billie said the pandemic gave her time to ”do the self-reflection i never had the time for” in an interview with Amy Kaufman. A Bollywood-style bike ride in New Zealand also deserves some credit. The pop singer said that she now even enjoys fame and is just being her true self. We can see Billie thriving at public events and slaying on red carpets more often now. Similar to the name of her latest album, the singer too is Happier Than Ever.

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