Most Popular Will Smith Catchphrase Isn’t “get my wife’s name…” but THIS

Most Popular Will Smith Catchphrase Isn’t “get my wife’s name…” but THIS

With a career spanning over three decades, Will Smith has said a lot of things. But nothing rings as loud as the Oscar slap and the “Get My Wife’s name out of your f*****g mouth!” phrase that goes hand-in-hand with it. The phrase became the butt of countless jokes between friends and the subject of many memes online. But contrary to popular belief, that is not the most popular catchphrase that has come out of the Fresh Prince’s mouth.

Smith has done many movies in varying genres over the years. And while Men In Black, Men in Black 2, and Men In Black 3 have some connectivity, other than being a box office hit, there is no similarity in the Will Smith movies. Or so you may think if you have not been paying close attention. For those who thought that Will’s most famous catchphrase is the Oscar one, we come bearing news.

Will Smith can’t stop saying THIS in his movies

The Oscar-award-winning actor always found a way to insert his favorite catchphrase into the script. What may have started as a normal reaction changed into a chain reaction, and Will Smith could not stop using it. We have all learned that please, sorry, and thank you are the three magic words. However, for the Fresh Prince, the three magic words that escalated his rise to stardom are ”Aw, hell no!”.

It was in his blockbuster movie Independence Day while fighting off aliens that the father of three first used this phrase. Then he was seen screaming, ”Aw, hell no!” with the same dumbfounded expression in Seven Pounds as well. Furthermore, you can see him use the same phrase in all three of the Men In Black trilogy films. Even his latest movies, Suicide Squad and I, Robot, have Smith using the same catchphrase.

Just like his craft, Will has perfected his expression and tone while saying the catchphrase over the years. As of now, Fresh Prince has done a total of twenty-nine movies. And in nine of these twenty-nine films, you can see him inserting the catchphrase, making it iconic. In his 1995 action comedy film, Bad Boy the King Richard actor managed to repeat his catchphrase thirteen times without making it overkill. Be it a comedy, thriller, or even a biopic, Smith is always cooking up ways to say “Aw, hell no!” You can watch his brilliant performance in Bright on Netflix.

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