“Most Important Thing You Can Do Is…” – Meghan Markle Had a Major Styling Hack for Women Who Want to Look Better Back in 2015

“Most Important Thing You Can Do Is…” – Meghan Markle Had a Major Styling Hack for Women Who Want to Look Better Back in 2015

Becoming the Duchess of Sussex did fetch a lot of limelight and glory to Meghan Markle. However, she was not short of any fortune prior to tying the knot with the military prince, Prince Harry. The American TV series Suits gave the former actress her first-ever major breakthrough. Since then her career in the industry had been only going up the ladders until the Royal Family family stepped in. Nonetheless, she left behind some golden advice for her fans that can be followed to this day.

Ever wondered how the now Duchess used to maintain herself with her figure-hugging perfectly knitted outfits while also having to keep up with her Royal date? Worry you not, since we got you covered. Meghan Markle already has got a solution for you. 

Meghan Markle feels stitching clothes is a really wow-factor 

Back in 2015, the fashion icon who never fails to surprise us with her stunning wardrobe shared a thing or two about getting that perfect camera look. On the Lunch Hour at the NY Fashion Week in 2015, the former Suits star was asked about her secret to the top-notch dressing sense and fashion trends she wore as a paralegal in the series. Answering the same, Markle revealed that it was the stitching of the clothes that made all the difference for her. 

Joe Zee asked the then-actress for her ‘top style tip’ on the behalf of all of the women. And Markle’s reply could not have been any simpler. She replied that the “most important thing you can do is tailoring.” Markle made it clear that although most of us are under the opinion that the fitting of clothes might not have much of an impact, the T figure actually makes us look a million times better. 

How did Markle style her clothes? 

And it is not that simple. According to Meghan Markle, tailoring is not just getting the perfect-sized clothes but how it fits you without your physique. Adding to it she also revealed that for her part, she always used to breathe in before giving away the measurements for her outfits. This is something that the Duchess had learned from her career in the TV industry. 

The Duchess was also cost-conscious and admitted that getting dresses or attires stitched can be comparatively more expensive. Nonetheless, the satisfaction of getting perfectly-fitting clothes is immaculate. 

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Are you going to try Meghan Markle’s top fashion hacks? Let us know in the comments below. 

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