More Than a Princess! Meghan Markle Was a Patron of the Royal Foundation in Her Royal Job Duties

More Than a Princess! Meghan Markle Was a Patron of the Royal Foundation in Her Royal Job Duties

People who do not know that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry retired from their senior royal duties in 2020 are almost extinct at this point. The section of society that has not caught wind of how Markle’s entry into the British royal family and what unfortunately unfolded may very well be considered a rare species. While the debate around the megxit was heavily surrounded by why the couple decided to leave, fans forgot to question what exactly will they be missing out on now that the couple has resigned.

This concern was hugely targeted toward Meghan Markle, who was an actively working actor before she got married to Prince Harry in 2018. Fans of the Suits actress wondered if she was just going to sit pretty and wave or will she have a role to play. Markle did play the most eye-catching role that anyone has ever seen after being part of the royal family. But not in the way many assume. Markle carried on some heavy duties as an official patron when she was a part of the family.

What did Meghan Markle do as a royal?

Markle’s close friend and co-star was not lying when she said the Duchess of Sussex was “very busy“. Markle, who has always had her head in the game and has been working since a young age, carried the same attitude into her married life with Prince Harry. Even before her marriage, she appeared alongside Prince Harry at the Royal Foundation Forum and also gave a speech.

After her official addition to the family, her name was added to the Royal Foundation’s official website. The Duchess of Sussex was provided a chance to work on projects she felt passionate about. And for Meghan Markle, the issue was mental health, in more ways than one. As a patron of the Royal Foundation, Markle helped with projects ranging from armed forces, conservation, and cyberbullying to mental health and development of the youth.

One of the most remarkable titles that Meghan Markle earned alongside her husband Prince Harry was that of a ‘Commonwealth Ambassador’. Apart from being a patron of the Royal Foundation and Commonwealth Ambassador, Markle was a strong pillar of support in what is considered to be Prince Harry’s legacy, The Invictus Games. As she worked towards these philanthropic causes during her time as a royal, she earned the title of a Princess in people’s hearts.

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