Money Heist Versus Squid Game – Which One Is the Better Non-English Show of Netflix?

Money Heist Versus Squid Game – Which One Is the Better Non-English Show of Netflix?

Money Heist and Squid Game have to be two of the biggest shows on Netflix, even though none of them are originally English shows. One is Spanish heist-drama, while the other is a survival show based in South Korea. The fans equally loved both these shows, but, when we talk about Money Heist vs Squid Game, groups emerge.

In the last few years, OTT platforms have made it so easy for us to discover content from all around the world. Movies, shows, comedy, or literally everything today are not restricted by the barriers of nations and languages. Netflix, especially, has made quality content from all around the world available to us; that too, in the universal language of English. But which of these Netflix Originals is the best? Let’s find out.

Money Heist vs Squid Game: The art of creating suspense

Korean drama Squid Game is a show that is all about suspense. You do not know how they select the players, where these games take place, or who is behind everything. The masks, the jumpsuits, using numbers instead of names, and every little detail about the show is kept behind a curtain- one you can never see through. Much like the players, we ourselves are always predicting the next game to be played.

What the entire secretive group does in Squid Game, The Professor single-handedly does for the Spanish show Money Heist. The Professor, with his planning and detailed research about literally everything, baffles every single person watching the show. We are currently waiting for the second installment of the 5th season of the show. Despite us being so deep into the story, he continues to trick even the smartest of minds at his will. You just cannot ever predict what this nerdy-looking guy has up his sleeve, as he has this aura of suspense all around him.

The one guy who will do anything for the win

Cho Sang-woo appears to be someone who is likable, but he also has this unpredictability attached to him. You just cannot get yourself to trust this man, as he will go to any extent to gain the prize money. Even if that means killing your friends and people that supported you through everything. He betrays Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, and many more just so that he could win. Yes, he is smart to do that, because in that game everyone plays for themselves; still, it is unsettling to see him do that to people who actually stood with him.

Money Heist has its very own chaos called Berlin. A character that either will make you fall in love with him, or just make you hate him. When you are inside the Royal Mint of Spain printing your own money, you must have someone to control the chaos that will begin; emotions, terror, fear, and much more, and berlin is perfect to do all that, with a straight face. Someone who is dedicated to the plan so much so that he would even sacrifice himself for it.

The Big Picture

Squid Game got a lot of attention, mainly because of how well it portrayed the social life and conditions of the nation of South Korea. How the poor are living in miserable conditions, while the rich enjoy their lives to the fullest. They brilliantly showed the financial inequality in the show, as well as the foreign influence (with those VIPs in golden animal masks). The Korean survival drama has effectively talked about the problems of capitalism. The show even inspired a couple of protests around the globe, most notably outside the climate summit this year.

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One just cannot talk about La Casa de Papel and not talk about the very catchy title track Bella Ciao. It is a protest folk song that the women of North Italy sang to speak against the harsh working conditions. So, you know that if a show has that as its lead song; it is going to be all about raising voices.

Money Heist targets the government of Spain for the financial inequality in the nation. While the robber gang inspires protests within the show, it also became an inspiration for protests in the real world.

We cannot really decide which among the two is the best non-English show on Netflix, but we can guarantee that you will not get bored with these two shows. Let us know which one of them is your favorite.

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    Tae-Heum Chung
    September 15, 2022 at 4:29 pm

    The messages in Squid game are much stronger and touching than Money heist.

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