Money Heist Season 5: The Resistance Is Joined by THIS New Celebrity

Money Heist Season 5: The Resistance Is Joined by THIS New Celebrity

As the release day for Money Heist Season 5: Part 2 is dawning upon us, we all are losing our minds. We just love all those robbers in red, and we would literally do anything to be one of them, won’t we? Well, it turns out there is one celebrity that decided to actually do something about their desire and join the resistance. That celebrity is none other than beloved British singer Ed Sheeran!

Who knew that Ed would be such a big fan of La Casa de Papel that he would try to audition for the British version of the show. In a fun little skit posted on the show’s Twitter handle; we can see Ed auditioning for the role of Glasgow, the British version of a certain someone called Berlin.

Ed Sheeran in British Money Heist

Ed Sheeran paid a visit to the casting director for the British version of the Netflix Original, and the singer-writer came prepared with everything! Wearing a red-jump suit and donning a Dali mask, Sheeran even brought a guitar with him as he knew that Berlin (Pedro Alonso) is a really talented singer. We can clearly see how excited he is as he tries to change the character name from Glasgow to Ipswich. “just because it’s a little bit more personal to me, you know,” said the pop star, born in Halifax but grew up in Suffolk.

The Shape of You singer even suggested changing the song from Berlin’s wedding to his own song “Perfect“; which we must agree is a beautiful piece of work. He even changed the lyrics to his latest single Bad Habits to fit the narrative of the show, when the director asked him to show something else.

Money Heist Season 5: The Professor and Ed Sheeran

Ed was definitely not taking any chances, as he auditioned for the role of The Professor as well. Almost nailing that glasses trick with his thumb, he even did the whole phone call routine with the inspector. Sheeran even has a plan for where the next heist will be, The Buckingham Palace. Well, it definitely was a lucky day for Ed as The Professor (Alvaro Morte) himself called to have the final say about his casting.

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Sheeran definitely impressed The Professor, and he even learned to master the glasses trick from him. The mastermind behind all the heists thinks that Ed Sheeran is suitable to be a member of the band.

He even asks Sheeran to tell him about The Buckingham Palace heist idea and offers him 2.4 billion pounds. Check out yourself:

Do you think we will see any fresh additions to Money Heist season 5 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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