Money Heist Season 5 Making and Bloopers: Laughs, Bleh and the Hardwork

Money Heist Season 5 Making and Bloopers: Laughs, Bleh and the Hardwork

To ease our cliff-hanger anxiety, we have a gift from the official Twitter handle of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). From slips of feet to slips of tongues, from laughs to everything else, this short blooper video will have your stomach cracking with amusement. The 2 minutes video is all fun and frolic.


Making of Money Heist Season 5

A YouTube Channel ‘Stream Wars’ posted a video of the making of Money Heist Season 5, which is allowing fans to discover clues about the season’s upcoming second volume. While there were many things to look at in the video, one thing took everyone by surprise – the absence of a green screen. It is indeed a huge cinematic achievement to shoot raw with all the explosions and action happening in fast succession. The entire cast and crew deserve applause for exerting themselves to deliver this marvelous once-in-a-time show.

Two days after the fifth season’s release, TheThings published a video on its YouTube channel titled, Behind The Scenes of Money Heist Season 5. It is narrated in English.

The sub-divisions of clips within the video are as follows (If you want to catch anything specific, here you go) –

Jumpsuits 01:19

  • The signature jumpsuits are highly symbolic of Money Heist, just as much as the mask. For each individual cast, it represented something for them at their personal level – whether it be courage or getting into the character.

Photoshoot and Set Shenanigans 01:48

  • Pedro Alonso aka Berlin visited the sets while the photoshoot for marketing campaigns was on. His VLog also forms a part of this video.

Volume 1 02:55

Volume 2 03:14

Covid Reality 03:41

Emotional Journey 04:10

Happy Ending 04:54

  • Before you watch Volume 2, this section will give you closure from the actors’ perspectives, narrated by the video.

Filming Locations 05:11

  • The series was filmed in various parts of Europe, majorly in Spain.

Story Mysteries 05:45

Bank of Spain 06:15

  • The actual Bank of Spain never makes an appearance in the series. The entire bank in the show was built on set, just by imagination as the crew wasn’t allowed to take references from the original bank.

Costume Variety 06:37

  • Carlos Diez was the person responsible for taking care of costumes in the entire show.

City Nicknames 07:04

What’s Next? 07:38

  • Netflix plans to build an immersive experience out of Money Heist, from live shows to dummy sets all over the world.

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