Money Heist Ending Explained: Are You Sure You Understood?

Money Heist Ending Explained: Are You Sure You Understood?

The last season of the Spanish show is finally here and fans are really excited to see how things work out for the robbers in red. Everyone had tremendous expectations from the Netflix show, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We saw one of the greatest Netflix shows of all time end with a loud bang! So let us look back at everything that happened towards the end of the show, as this is where you will have the Money Heist ending explained.

We will even tell you how The Professor used the very trick which Berlin used in one of his heists.

Money Heist ending explained: The plan to get everyone out

We always knew that it would not be easy for the gang to come out of the Bank of Spain, but we also knew the Professor would definitely have a plan for that. The plan was to hold the gold as a hostage for the freedom of the gang; as it is something the Spanish government cares about a lot. So when the gang looted and transported the gold from the country’s national reserves, it was like confirming their return ticket from the heist.

We saw The Professor explain to Tamayo how the stealing of gold will affect the country’s economy, and eventually will leave it bankrupt. In one flashback, we see him teaching the gang about bank trading; he says “it is like gambling and people can bet on anything.” So when Tamayo is holding the entire gang along with The Professor, he is actually risking the downfall of the Spanish economy.

Professor knew that as soon as they leak the news about stealing gold, the market will automatically put pressure on the officials. That is exactly what happened, but how did the world get to know about the missing gold?

The releasing of the heist videos

We all remember how the robbers were filming, stealing gold on their phones, don’t we? At first, we all thought that this was just one of those funny details that the writers put into the show, but it turned out to be a rather important thing. The Professor knew that Tamayo, or any other officer, will never let the world know about the gold theft. So, the robbers took that job into their hands and released their self-made videos on the internet with the help of Professor’s support in Pakistan.

This made sure that the Spanish government and officers were always under pressure. So, The Professor had the entire Spanish governing body in his pocket; while playing what Tokyo called “the biggest bluff.” And why is that a bluff? Because even the robbers in red didn’t have the gold; Rafael, the son of a certain someone called Berlin, stole it from them.

Rafael’s plan and retrieving gold from him

Everyone speculated that, at some point, Berlin’s son would get involved in the heist. Rafael had been raising eyebrows ever since he appeared first on the show, and so did Berlin’s wife, Tatiana. Berlin was always a man of love and passion, someone who would do anything and everything for love.

Hence, it was no surprise when we got to know that Tatiana knew every detail about the heist, along with Rafael. When the lover-duo got wind of the heist, they got to work and pulled off a rather impossible task of robbing The Professor.

Now, as the Robbers in Red had no gold, and were locked inside the Bank of Spain, their leader was playing the biggest bluff of all time. However, he got just the right help, in Alicia Sierra; this new friend of Sergio (the Professor) was the only person who could find the gold, and she did it. She tracked down the very property where Rafael and Tatiana buried the gold. Sergio handed her a note that she was supposed to give to Rafael, and she did that when she encountered the couple at that property.

That single note was enough to convince Rafael, and he handed over all the gold to Sierra.

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Money Heist ending explained: the freedom of the gang

Back in the bank, Tamayo negotiated with The Professor and Lisbon; hoping to come out as a winner from this situation. However, Sergio, in his rather signature style and tone, explains that either both of them win or both lose. When Tamayo finally agrees to listen to him, he asks him to go out and hold a press conference, telling him to announce that the police have found the gold; that would be a signal for his men and they will deliver the gold to the bank at once. Tamayo resents a little, but he finally gives in and does exactly what the Professor asked him to do.

We then see trucks filled with gold bars arrive at the bank, and it almost seemed like the gang is giving up the good for freedom. Until we see a furious Tamayo running into the room as he has been given brass ingots coated in gold. Tamayo is ready to kill every single robber in the bank.

At that moment, The Professor explains that this gold is nothing but a myth. No one will ever use it, and it is just a construct of the mind. He reveals that these brass ingots are already working as the market is going up. But alas! They do not satisfy Tamayo as he instructs his inspectors to execute the gang.

Did everyone really die in the end?

We see black-colored bags leave the premises of the bank, as Tamayo announces the names of the robbers that were killed during the heist. Did the gang actually die trying to pull off the biggest heist of history? Not at all. Just like every other time, The Professor and his mind yet again emerged out of a situation as winners; we see all the members come out of those bags smiling and celebrating their victory.

The Spanish government gives them new identities and also helps them escape to Portugal. Where, as Alicia said, the gold awaits the gang. The show ends with Professor, Lisbon, Denver, Stockholm, Helsinki, Manila, Palermo, Rio, Bogota, Matias, and Marseille looking out of a helicopter as they celebrate their win.

You can check out the Money Heist ending as season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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