Money Heist Characters – First and Last Dialogues in the Series

Money Heist Characters – First and Last Dialogues in the Series

Netflix really gave us something to cherish for a long time as its hit show, Money Heist. The show is complex, captivating, thrilling, and whatnot, serving us the perfect mix of entertainment while we live a rather banal life. Other than the amazing storyline and talented actors, the writing of the show and the dialogues is something that always draws our attention towards it. So, let us take a moment and look back at some impressive dialogues that these Money Heist characters spoke.

Each character that appeared on the Netflix Original went through tremendous character development. So, when you are talking about their quotes, you must talk about the first and last dialogues on the show; a great way to analyze the development of a particular character. Hence, here are the first and last dialogues of our Money Heist Characters.


First Line, S01E01 – “Like Mister 17, Miss 23?” Denver asks this when The Professor is first facing the entire crew and asking them to choose code names. He suggests choosing numbers, cities, or planets.

Last Line, S05E10 – “I didn’t say a word, alright?” When Tamayo summons Denver for asking some questions, the entire gang is worried that he is going to blow the plan. But to everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t. Upon reuniting with the crew, Denver reminds everyone that he didn’t say a word; this is evidence of how much the character developed throughout the course of the show.


First Line, S01E01 – Back when The Professor was preparing the crew for the big heist, he mentioned how they will spend 5 months away from everything and study. To which Denver’s father exclaimed, “What do you mean, five months? Are you crazy?

Last Line, S05E03 – Even though he died long back in the show, we got to see Moscow in flashbacks. In one of those flashbacks, we see him saying “Let’s get out of here.

Money Heist characters first and last dialogues – Nairobi

First Line, S01E01 – “Sit down. Relax, you three, or I’ll hit you with the butt of my rifle.” Nairobi says this to three men while tying them up and honestly, this dialogue has Nairobi written all over it. Dominating, powerful, and straightforward, that’s our Nairobi.

Last Line, S05E04 – In one flashback when Tokyo is telling Nairobi how she copes with sadness and thinks about happier times and lives in those moments. Nairobi, in the agreement, says, “That’s a great plan.


First Line, S01E01 – The Dali masks from Money Heist have now become a symbol all around the world, but it was not like that in the beginning. The first time we and the crew saw the masks was back in season 1, and Rio asked the questions that each one of us had in our minds: Who chose the masks? Berlin was quick to answer with a follow-up question, “What is wrong with the masks?

Last Line, S05E10 – When The Professor opens up about his and Berlin’s father’s death and how he saw him die in the street, berlin was taken aback. Upon hearing that Sergio came home after witnessing the death, he asks, “I was there when you got home. Why didn’t you say anything?” While many think of Berlin as a man without a heart, it is clear through his actions that he is a man of emotions.


First Line, S05E01 – Berlin’s son brought with him a rather fresh aspect to the show and also some mystery. The very first thing he said after arriving was, “Our father-son relationship hasn’t been ideal, Dad.

Last Line, S05E10 – What started off as a disturbing and torn-off relationship between a father and his son, met a beautiful conclusion. While giving up the gold to The Professor, Rafael says, “He would have wanted it.” He being Berlin. And when Tatiana asks is sure that he will receive his share of the gold? He replies, “Yes. It’s a matter of family.


First Line, S03E01 – We meet Palermo for the first time in this season, but it turns out The Professor already knows him. On seeing him, Palermo says, “Sergio, my dearest friend. Long time no see. Come here.

Last Line, S05E10 – Palermo has everything about the heist figured out, but it required to give up the gold for freedom. But with Sergio at the wheel, this would never happen. He told him they would swap actual gold with gold-coated brass; just like Berlin did. “Will you do to the Bank of Spain what Berlin did with the Viking Treasure?” is what Palermo asked him.

Money Heist characters first and last dialogues – Rio

First Line, S01E01 – Rio was always the cute kid in the room, even during the first meeting of the crew. When Professor suggested taking up code names, Rio suggested, “How about planets? I can be Mars, and he can be Uranus,” pointing at Denver.

Last Line, S05E10 – Rio went through a lot, he gained a lot; he lost a lot as well. But for everything that happened in his life, especially how he was rescued, he ended the series with a big and heartfelt, “Thank you.”

Lisbon / Raquel Murillo

First Line, S01E02 – Raquel started off as a police officer in the series, and a mother who is trying to spend some time with her daughter. The first time we saw her, she was with her daughter. The first thing she said was to her daughter as well, ” Paula, you need a purple flower here.”

Last Line, S05E10 – Fast forward to the last season, Raquel turned into Lisbon and was with the gang. The last thing she said was to Tamayo, in between a negotiation when he threatened to execute the remaining gang members. She said, “You can’t do this, Colonel. You can’t do this.”

The Professor

First Line, S01E01 – Sergio looks like one of the most simple men in the room, but he is indeed the most dangerous. When we saw him for the first time, all he said was, “Excuse me, do you have a minute?” And we have been his puppets ever since.

Last Line, S05E10 – “And the gold?” As we know, The Professor is a man of passion, and his passion is stealing. Of course, he had to end the show with an inquiry about the gold.


First Line, S01E01 – Tokyo has been our narrator since the beginning of the show; it all started with her introduction, “My name is Tokyo.” A name we will never forget.

Last Line. S05E10 – “Nobody could’ve imagined when this story began that we’d end up being escorted to safety by an elite military team. And that we’d fly into our new life without anyone knowing the truth.” She continues, “A new life, a free life, filled with gold. So that no one in the gang would ever have to rob a bank again.”

Let us know what are your favorite dialogues or quotes from this Netflix show.

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