Two Thumbs Down: Ryan Gosling Youngest Amanda Was Left Unimpressed by World’s Greatest Arts

Two Thumbs Down: Ryan Gosling Youngest Amanda Was Left Unimpressed by World’s Greatest Arts

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been parenting their two beautiful daughters for more than eight years now. And even though Gosling does not discuss his personal life publicly very often, whenever it comes to parenting, he is as open as a book.

A few months ago, Ryan Gosling went to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he shared a fun incident about her younger daughter, Amanda Lee. This is a hilarious incident where Amanda gave the most renowned work of art in the world two thumbs down.

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What disappointed the younger daughter of Ryan Gosling?

According to The Things, the 41-year-old told Jimmy Fallon that he recently took Amanda, 6, to the Louvre Museum in Paris. But she was not quite impressed by the artwork present in the Louvre, which is considered the best and most stylish by the art geniuses of the world.
The Gray Man star further added that, as he took Amanda to watch the famous Mona Lisa painting. And as she saw it, she turned towards her father and said, “This museum?” while giving him an exaggerated two thumbs down.

And when Ryan asked her why didn’t she like it, she said, “Because it’s not good.” The Academy Award-winning actor said that it was a real power move his daughter showed. Apparently, the 41-year-old actor and his partner keep their children’s life very private and hence, this is one of the few fun incidents about his daughter that are out.

Not just the Canadian actor but his partner Eva Mendes also shares her parenting incidents. She once said that she is not very good and thus she leaves the cooking part to Gosling. She further added that both of them do not follow gender-specific norms in their house and they have left their daughters to explore all kinds of possibilities.

At present, Gosling is busy shooting for his upcoming film The Fall Guy in Australia. His partner and the two daughters have also shifted to Sydney with him. The year 2023 will see the release of his film Barbie along with Margot Robbie on July 21.

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