“Millie you were very very casual,” – Louis Partridge Once Jokingly Called Out Millie Bobby Brown for Her Behavior on the Sets of ‘Enola Holmes’

“Millie you were very very casual,” – Louis Partridge Once Jokingly Called Out Millie Bobby Brown for Her Behavior on the Sets of ‘Enola Holmes’

Millie Bobby Brown is known for making friends in every show or film she has done. She made the most friends on the set of her breakout show, Stranger Things, with whom she is frequently seen hanging out. But there is one more person in Brown’s life who got a bit late in becoming her friend, but now they are inseparable. It is a friend from her native country, Louis Partridge, whom she met on the set of Enola Holmes.

After the release of Enola Holmes in 2020, both Brits did a video for Netflix in which they can be seen picking various things Britishers would never stop debating on. One such thing they had to choose between was whether they preferred being “casual” or “fancy.” While the Stranger Things actress chose to go casual, her dear friend explained the reason why.

When the now 19-year-old chose casual over fancy, her friend supported her while calling her out in a hilarious way. Partridge said, “Millie you were very very casual. You would literally, you would turn up in these fluffy pink slippers, and your dressing gown.” 

Apparently, this happened on the set of the film when Brown showed up in her nightclothes. Although going casual or fancy was not the only thing these two actors settled on.

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What were some other British debates Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown settled?

The Enola Homes 2 co-stars began settling the debate by choosing between things like “Archery or Karate,” “English Countryside or London Streets,” and “Book or Boardgame.” Karate, the English countryside, and board games were all on their list.

While Partridge suggested Scrabble, Brown revealed her favorite board game is Monopoly. The Pistol actor suggested that the Godzilla vs. Kong actress must be really good at it; she admitted that she is “tactical” at it.

Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown from Enola Holmes
Credits: Imago

The sequel to the first part of Enola Holmes was a tremendous hit, just like the first one, which gave Partridge worldwide fame as Lord Tewkesbury. However, there has been no formal announcement on an Enola Holmes 3.

Yet, given the popularity of these films, it seems as if there would be enough material for more films.

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