Millie Two-Face? Fans Bring Back Age Old Video of Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink to Call Out her 13 Cats

Millie Two-Face? Fans Bring Back Age Old Video of Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink to Call Out her 13 Cats

We all have seen Harvey Dent, one of Batman’s greatest enemies, is known for his diametric philosophy. His “two-headed” face with one side disfigured describes his criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. But could you ever imagine Millie Bobby Brown being two-faced? Most of us cannot because she is one of the most caring people as far as fans know. One of the biggest examples can be her love for animals and how she frequently fosters new pets.

The young actress has dogs, cats, two tortoises, a rabbit, and even a donkey. And she is certainly a devoted mom, often seen cuddling with her pets on her IG posts. Most of the time, fans see her with her traveling companion Winnie, but her current favorite is cats. However, Brown used to dislike cats once and seems to have contradicted her statement at present.

Millie Bobby Brown once didn’t want twelve cats 

In a shorts video shared by Celebrity Youth on YouTube, we got a glimpse of Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink’s old clip. The Enola Holmes star asked her BFF whether she would have 12 cats or dogs. In her response, the 20-year-old actress replied that she would like cats.

On the other hand, the Godzilla star herself chose dogs and asked Sink why she would want cats. Moving forward, the fan page added a clip from her recent interview where the British actor is saying she has 13 cats.

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“I have 13 cats and they’re like my favorite thing,” exclaimed the 18-year-old superstar. The caption stated how she didn’t want any cats before and now she loves them. She even stated in her interview with Kim Holcomb that she herself is a cat.

Moreover, in her TUDUM interview in November 2022, she revealed how she had to bid farewell to a bunch of kittens that she has fostered. “Three days ago, I had 13 cats and I got them all adopted, which is an amazing experience,” revealed Brown.

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Well, it is just another day story for Millie Bobby Brown, who keeps finding adopters for stray animals. Fans might have come across many stories on her Instagram about dogs and acts needing a new home. What do you think about this devoted animal lover? Are you a cat person or dog person? Do let us know in the comments!

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