“Millie has no respect for Sherlock” – Henry Cavill Jokes About His Onscreen and off Screen Relationship With ‘Enola Holmes’ Co-star

“Millie has no respect for Sherlock” – Henry Cavill Jokes About His Onscreen and off Screen Relationship With ‘Enola Holmes’ Co-star

One can picture Henry Cavill as a serious actor, who does a lot of action roles and wears a cape to save humanity when DC calls for him. But it is very rare to see a silly side of Cavill, where he just looks like he is enjoying himself. But that is exactly what happens when he pairs up with Millie Bobby Brown for a silly game and a fun interview.

Since the first movie came out, which introduced the Man of Steel actor as Sherlock Holmes, fans were hoping to see more of him and his chemistry with reel sister Brown. And now the duo is back again with Enola Holmes 2. As the pair sit down for a chat, Cavill also brings up their relationship on screen and offscreen.

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Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown give off sibling energy in their latest interview 

In the film franchise, Enola Holmes is a brilliant teen detective who is constantly living under the shadow of her famous detective brother, Sherlock. Her sense of detection is as good as her older brother, but she is still rebuked for her gender. She constantly rebels against her brothers, chases down dangerous leads and uncovers secrets that put her at risk. During the interview, Henry Cavill joked that her relationship with Millie Bobby Brown is very similar to their dynamic on screen.

Sherlock and Enola’s relationship in the film is similar to how Millie and I are with one another. In the sense that Millie has no respect for Sherlock,” he said while laughing. He further added that Enola is fiery and never listens to Sherlock. At that very moment, Millie failed the game, and Cavill used it as the opportunity to point out her defiance at present. After the jokes and leg pulling, the DC actor admitted to enjoying working with her and her goofy sense of humor. 

Brown had previously disclosed they were good friends, but the Superman actor was quite strict with her.

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 Well, to us it looked like a brother and younger sister being silly together. Did you enjoy their interaction? Tell us in the comments below. 

Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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