Millie Bobby Brown vs Jenna Ortega: Fans Pit the Two Female Led Shows, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Wednesday’ in the Most Unexpected Battle Netflix Ever Saw

Millie Bobby Brown vs Jenna Ortega: Fans Pit the Two Female Led Shows, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Wednesday’ in the Most Unexpected Battle Netflix Ever Saw

Wednesday has recently made a huge leap in its viewership and the second week brought a total of 752.5 hours viewed. The mystery drama already broke the records of Stranger Things in its opening week and continues to soar up more. Depicting the deadpan daughter of the Addams family as a teenager in the main frame, this show left fans stunned. Viewers loved this story full of mayhem, mystery, and murder where this gothic girl starts unveiling the deadly killing spree plaguing Nevermore Academy.

However, the success of Tim Burton’s show shook the glorious image of the Duffer Brothers’ production which has a strong foothold in the industry. The show’s strong performance also indicates that there are more surprises on the way. Likewise, the audience has been wondering which amongst these two shows will get the top place in the fan-favorite list. It’s Millie Bobby Brown vs Jenna Ortega now!

Netflix’s Wednesday is giving tough competition to Stranger Things

The highly anticipated spin-off of the iconic Addams Family, Wednesday arrived on Netflix on November 23. The supernatural series had an enormous opening week, embracing a massive viewership and crazy response from fans. The biting dialogues, exemplary performance, morbid scenes, and all the dark traits of this outcast story charmed viewers in an instant.

However, this magnificent success was unnerving for the Stranger Things fandom. Since Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven was the only teen character on the streaming giant till now who left a deep impact on viewers’ minds. But the arrival of Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega changed the whole scenario.

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People immediately fell in love with her acting and called her the best version of this dark woeful kid. Now, fans have started a battle on social media, trying to prove which show is better than other.

Social media is divided into two teams flooding with fan opinions 

We all know that fans have been going gaga over the comedy series for the last two weeks. An endless trail of TikTok, reactions, fan arts, and edited clips is flooding the internet. On the other hand, all the hardcore fans of Stranger Things are defending the image of their favorite show. For instance, one fan posted,Wednesday surpassed stranger things to become the most watched Series…..In a week. Respect.”

In contrast to the statement a fans said, “stranger things definitely better than wednesday idk why we lying about that… yes you can enjoy/like wednesday more but better? definitely not.” Let’s take a look at more comments below.

Which show is your favorite? Has Wednesday taken over the blockbuster series Stranger Things? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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