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Millie Bobby Brown Talks About Eleven’s Backstory, the Big Split-Up, and the Long Distance Romance of Eleven and Mike: “The Best Thing Ever Is When You Split Us Up”

While Stranger Things on the whole is a show that can best be described as dark and gritty, it has some very adorable plotlines that serve as its redeeming characteristics and make it a fun watch. Right from the beginning, we see the bond that has been developing between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and how it only gets stronger as the series progresses. In fact, it was one of the major plotlines of season 3.

But, by the end of the same season, the couple finds themselves miles away from each other. This heavily contrasts from the beginning when they were so close in proximity that it annoyed Hopper to no end. Here’s what Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard had to say about the same:

Millie Bobby Brown on the emotional development of Eleven

Right from the beginning, we saw how Eleven wasn’t the most emotionally stable character on the show. As we see for a long time in season 1, Dr. Brenner, aka, the infamous Papa, subjects the little child to many brutal experiments. An example of this is when she has to kill a cat against her will lest she faces the terrifying consequences. Naturally, events like this had an effect on her mental health and ability to open up to people.

Even her relationship with Hopper was strained, to say the least. While the two shared undeniable affection toward each other, he wasn’t in the least bit affectionate towards her. While he had his reasons to be as overprotective as he was, it didn’t quite justify his behavior towards the child.

Naturally, Eleven turns to the only person who has been a consistent source of affection and support- Will. One might argue that the two are overly dependent on each other. We saw some light being thrown on this in season 3 as Eleven spends time with Max (Sadie Sink). Yet, her moving in with Joyce will see more of her emotional development.

Eleven will finally have a consistent and healthy source of inspiration that isn’t just her partner. Millie Bobby Brown commented on the same, saying “naturally when a woman is in your life, you’re inspired by her, especially a mother figure“. This relationship is something fans can expect to see in the upcoming season of the Netflix Original.

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Eleven and Mike- the Romeo and Juliet of the streaming service era

As much as we look forward to Eleven and Joyce bonding, this relationship cannot contend with the romantic relationship and the deep friendship that Mike and Eleven share as they went through many major traumas together. Wolfhard said, “they don’t have [a] normal life and this is the way that it is for them and that’s what makes it so special.”

However, this is a relationship in the 80s, when Snapchat and Instagram didn’t exist. Hence, it is going to be a challenge for the two to maintain their proximity. But, Wolfhard’s comment suggests that they might come together yet again by the end of the season as they always do.

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Nonetheless, we cannot say anything about the couple and their future together for sure. This plot can only be answered when Stranger Things season 4 streams on Netflix. Until then, here are some theories that we can debunk and others that are likely to be true.

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