“I am gonna have to agree with the Americans”: Millie Bobby Brown Ditches Her British Origins Over a Food Item

“I am gonna have to agree with the Americans”: Millie Bobby Brown Ditches Her British Origins Over a Food Item

The 18-year-old British actress has attained quite a fame for herself. Thanks to Netflix’s flagship show, Stranger Things, the world of acting got someone as talented as Millie Bobby Brown. After successfully portraying Eleven, she yet again proved her talent and surprised fans with Enola Holmes. Not only that, but the budding actress is at the top of her career and is an established owner of her beauty/care company.

Following her grand success story, Brown had an opportunity to shoot for Allure’s September cover. Not only did she have a beautiful portfolio for the magazine, but she once again amazed fans with her bubbly and down-to-earth nature. Although she has learned “The power and the perils of fame,” she never stops being a child at heart. The video posted by Allure, in which MBB does 9 things she has never done in life, immediately proved this. We saw her cry like a child and even flaunt her fashion skills. Yet another thing that intrigued us is how she agrees with Americans over a food item.

Millie Bobbie Brown likes the American name of this particular food item more

One of the 9 tasks the Enola Holmes actress was asked to do was to guess the American names of a few dishes. These included food items such as eggplant, grilled sandwich, cookie, and more. For two particular food items, she agreed to go with the American names.

According to her, the American name of Cotton Floss, which is Cotton Candy, makes more sense. When she opens yet another platter, she gets what they call chips in England. However, the British actress ditches her origins, saying, “Actually, I am gonna agree with the Americans on this one. I do say french fries; I don’t say chips until it is fish and chips.” Guess the Americans must take pride in their nomenclature, now that Millie revealed her preference for American food names.

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The youth icon who even outearned Robert Downey Jr. will soon make her debut in Enola Holmes 2 and Stranger Things 5. Are you excited to see her perform in these Netflix originals? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, catch Millie’s return to Netflix with Enola Holmes 2 on 2nd November 2022.

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