Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How She Is No More Bitter About Not Getting the Part in ‘Game of Thrones’

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How She Is No More Bitter About Not Getting the Part in ‘Game of Thrones’

Hollywood is a tough place to survive. Before hitting it big, most actors have to go through thousands of rejections to get that final Yes. The rejections are a tough pill to swallow, but grinding is the only way. Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown learned the lesson pretty quickly in her career. Starting out as a child actor, she was rather hopeless after countless rejections until she landed Stranger Things. 

However, did you know she tried for Game of Thrones too? Had she gotten the part, her career may have looked a little different now. Although we are pretty sure she would have dazzled the audience anyway. Recently, the 18-year-old dropped by Vanity Fair’s studio to take a lie detector test where she revealed her sentiments towards the HBO show.

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Millie Bobby Brown has made peace with losing the role in Game of Thrones

The Florence by Mills owner appeared for a lie detector test where she was asked to answer truthfully about her feelings towards the hit Game of Thrones’ finale and neither is she following the spinoff, House of the Dragons. She admitted that she had not watched the show so had no comment to make about the ending. The interview further prodded her whether she was still holding a grudge against the show for not getting the part she so wanted. To which she confessed that she was not bitter about not getting the part of Lyanna Mormont.

For those who are not aware, Millie Bobby Brown had auditioned for Lyanna before giving a shot for Eleven. The part was about a headstrong girl who was fierce and loyal to the Starks. Brown ended up losing the role to Bella Ramsay. But nonetheless, things have rather panned out well for the actress after bagging the role of Eleven. The role in the Duffer brothers’ show has already earned her an Emmy nomination. The actress is going places with high-profile projects like Godzilla, and Enola Holmes. For her next, she is working with the Russo brothers!

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Can you imagine Brown as the leader of Bear Island?

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