Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How for THIS Scene in ‘Enola Holmes 2’ She Did Not Read the Script

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals How for THIS Scene in ‘Enola Holmes 2’ She Did Not Read the Script

Two years ago, when the world was in complete isolation, Netflix brought an amazing story for couchbound viewers to taste some adventure at home. It was none other than Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown as this young sibling of Sherlock Holmes. People love this brilliant girl who went out alone in the world to find her mother. The adaptation of Nancy Springer’s books instantly became a massive success story for the streaming giant.

The young actress returned this year with a new story that once again won people’s hearts. Enola Holmes 2 dived into an empowering historical event mixed with fiction. Fans loved this young detective trying to make her mark by opening her detective agency in London. While you would certainly have enjoyed the impeccable acting of the 18-year-old actor in this movie. Here the actress revealed how she did not read the script for a scene.

Millie Bobby Brown went raw for a scene in Enola Holmes 2

In a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Millie Bobby talked about her portrayal in Enola Holmes 2. During the conversation, the host said that the music hall scene was her favorite and that she read that the actor did not read the script for that scene. In her response, she stated that she stepped into the set when they finally started filming the scene.

“I just wanted to feel really immersed and I also wanted to feel shocked by the surrounding of the people,” explained the British actress. Moreover, she added that she has done this before while filming Stranger Things also. As the Emmy nominated star wanted to see what happens when you don’t know about things.

Also, it is unbelievable to see that the Godzilla star did not know the scene before she did it. However, she did a great job as we saw in the music hall scene how remarkable her acting was. The scene where Enola followed Mae and ever threatened her to tell the truth.

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What do you think about this amazing star taking over the industry of entertainment? Let us know your views in the comment section. Enola Holmes 2 is currently available to stream on Netflix go take a look right away.

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