MILLIE BOBBY BROWN PREGNANT? Fans Mistake Actor’s Social Media Post for Ultrasound Clip

MILLIE BOBBY BROWN PREGNANT? Fans Mistake Actor’s Social Media Post for Ultrasound Clip

Is Millie Bobby Brown pregnant? The Stranger Things actress has been a sensation ever since she started working as Eleven in the Netflix sci-fi series. She, along with other child actors, has basically grown up in the limelight, from being a kid to a young adult. After the success of the series and the career of the entire cast, the shoot for the final season is in full swing.

While the series gears up for the finale, Brown is keeping fans updated both on her professional and personal life through active participation on social media. The actress is currently enjoying a cozy time with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. But is the actress pregnant? Fans could not help but wonder as they saw her recent post.

Is Millie Bobby Brown pregnant? Fans left in question after seeing something similar to a scan

While Eleven has just begun finding normalcy in her life as a kid in Stranger Things, actress Millie Bobby Brown is already making people wonder if she is pregnant. As per Yahoo, the actress took to Instagram to share a video of her special moment with her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi. She captioned the video, “I swear I’ve never loved u more.”

Some fans wondered if the actress is pregnant since one image showed a blue and black pattern, similar to a scan. One fan pointed out how they thought she posted to announce her pregnancy, while the other commenter agreed. As it turns out, the clip was actually from a beach with bioluminescent microorganisms which looked like a scan photo. 

The microorganisms are actually tiny creatures emitting light from a chemical reaction, looking mesmerizing in the dark waters. To top it off, Millie Bobby Brown’s touching caption added to the speculation of her having a baby. Especially since the rest of the video also displayed her love for Jake Bongiovi, the son of singer Jon Bon Jovi.

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Safe to say, the actress is not pregnant at this stage. Currently, the Enola Holmes actress is enjoying her dating life as she leads more projects. Did you think Brown was pregnant when you first saw the video? Comment your thoughts.

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