Millie Bobby Brown “Prayed” This Theory About Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers Being Pregnant Would Come True

Millie Bobby Brown “Prayed” This Theory About Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers Being Pregnant Would Come True

We share most of the best times with our childhood buddies no matter many friends we make during life. While there is always a special person who is closest to the heart and that is our “BEST FRIEND”. Because we do all our gossiping, giggling, teasing, and roasting with this person only. And the famous sci-fic horror drama Stranger Things has this bubbly duo who keeps on mocking each other. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp’s friendship has always been a backstage highlight.

Apart from being co-stars, they have been best friends for years. As they spend a great deal of time together on set bantering and playing games in their free time. Whereas Millie is the one who never leaves a chance to tease Noah whether it’s a show promotion or offstage conversation. Let’s see what fantasy Millie Bobby Brown had cooked up in her mind for Noah Schnapp this time.

Millie Bobby Brown can’t stop laughing talking about this quirky fan theory


You would easily find a lot of memes on social media if you search about Millie and Noah’s chemistry. The internet is overflowing with funny moments, onset challenge videos, and adorable photos. Fans ever agree that this bubbly pair is inseparable as they are sticking together since they were small kids. This is clearly visible in the bond they share and certainly do not get bored of each other’s company.

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For instance, in a recent Instagram reel shared by a fan page, Millie was bursting into laughter. While she was making jokes about Noah’s condition in season 2 of Stranger Things. The post had a caption saying: “I always knew will would make a great mother.” 

Millie was talking about a fan theory she heard about Will Byers which stated that Will was pregnant with Demogorgon. Because he had all the symptoms that pregnant women had like morning sickness and bloating. She talked about the scene when Will vomited in his sink and a slug came out of his mouth. She was constantly teasing Noah with her eyes whereas Noah was laughing at her imagination.

Moreover, fancied by the idea of pregnancy Millie said:

“He just had morning sickness cause he was pregnant with Demogorgons which I prayed would come to life.” 

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This was the biggest fantasy of Millie’s life to see Noah with a big baby bump. Moreover, to see her best friend feeding a Demogorgon baby and she couldn’t stop laughing thinking about it. It feels so amusing to see these two cuties joking and chatting all the time indulging in their visionary world.

If you want a sneak peek of this hilarious Noah-Millie moment watch the Instagram video tagged below.

All four seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix with volume 2 on its ways.

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