Millie Bobby Brown Once Shared Her Love For Liverpool FC and Its Legendry Former Player

Millie Bobby Brown Once Shared Her Love For Liverpool FC and Its Legendry Former Player

Football is not just a game, it is an emotion. Although originated in China and transitioned through England around the 12th century, the entire world sings the praises of the game whenever the checkered ball hits the goalpost. The biggest leagues bring a mood of carnival and patrons of different teams come together under one roof, leaving all else aside, to support their favorite players. One such cult classic club in the world of soccer is Liverpool FC and one such ardent fan of the club is Netflix’s standout star, Millie Bobby Brown.

Apparently, back in 2017, the Stranger Things star had a chat with in which the 18-year-old actress made it clear to the world that she is a big fan of the club, specifically mentioning the name of a former captain of the team, Steven Gerrard. The legend of Liverpool FC has seemingly played a huge role in hastening Enola Holmes‘ interest in the world’s most treasured game. But did you know who introduced her to the world of football? Her family!

Millie Bobby Brown on her love for Liverpool FC

In the interview, the 13-year-old Brown shared how her family influenced her to watch soccer. Notably, she told the interviewer that her “family has been supporter and big fans” of the club since Brown was very young. The youth icon further mentioned her brother played a huge role in it. “When he started telling me about Steven Gerrard when he was playing I started falling in love with it!” Millie informed the interviewer how “it was a big moment in my life.”

The former Liverpool legend has played 710 matches for the FC and has helped it bring home many trophies such as Champions League, FA Cup, and League Cup. Not just Millie Bobby Brown, but her co-worker, Joseph Quinn too, has his share of beautiful memories in the city of Liverpool. When young, he would spend his days watching the West Derby and would still do anytime he got the chance.

Such clubs certainly have a different place in our hearts, and just like these celebrities, we will continue to support football with all our hearts.

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