Millie Bobby Brown Looks Absolutely Stunning In THIS Body Tight Sundress

Millie Bobby Brown Looks Absolutely Stunning In THIS Body Tight Sundress

Millie Bobby Brown, in a body-tight sundress enjoying the fresh air of a countryside farm, is exactly what her fans live for. And oh, how can we forget her staple hairstyle? A blonde high bun with side bangs just adds all the glitter to her perfect outing dress. Well, her recent photoshoot for her totally organic beauty line, Florence by Mills is a perfect combination of all of it. And we must say it, the 11-year-old cute Stranger Things star has now grown up to become a gorgeous woman.

Kicking off her career as early as when she was just 9, the British actress has come a long way. After she earned recognition in the fan-favorite Netflix fantasy series, Brown went on to pursue production as well, producing the hit regency detective drama. But she did not stop there. Expanding her capital and net worth, the young fashion icon also started her own beauty line, named after her beloved grandma. Having mastered both acting and business, she has certainly learned the way of the world, and the way to our hearts as well. Her recent photoshoot proves just the same.

Millie Bobby Brown is once again here to steal your heart with her beautiful fit

Who needs a model when the owner herself is just beautiful and perfect for the job? More often than not, we have seen the Enola Holmes actor advertising for her own organic beauty line. In some, the 18-year-old would jump and dance getting all excited while talking about a brand new moisturizer, while in others she would simply pose in the most elegant way possible and still manage to keep the products the focus of the frame.

And her recent shoot (featured on their Instagram handle) would just take your breath away. She is apparently wearing a tight white-colored sundress with a lavender-blue floral print on it. The slightly puffed sleeves and square leaf neck along with a high bun bring out the best countryside look.

As you can see in the picture, she is apparently posing near a few baskets of fruits on which papaya is also kept. Near the papaya, though, one or two products are intelligently placed to hint at something new coming for the customers of her beauty line. She surely nailed the look.

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