Henry Cavill Curves His Enola Holmes Co-Star, Millie Bobby Brown? Here’s What the Fans Have to Say

Henry Cavill Curves His Enola Holmes Co-Star, Millie Bobby Brown? Here’s What the Fans Have to Say

When the detective fiction world almost lost into oblivion, Millie Bobby Brown came up with the tantalizing live-action adaptation of Enola Holmes back in 2020. Apart from an intriguing period drama questioning the stereotypes of 19th-century England, the movies also brought together two of the most talented and appreciated actors from Great Britain.

If Millie Bobby Brown is the young tomboy-esque sibling, we have none other than the very handsome, 39-year-old Superman actor, Henry Cavill as the older one. What is even more interesting is that both not only share a sibling-like relationship on-screen but even off the sets, they have made their bond very apparent, often poking and making fun of each other in interviews and everywhere they can.

However, it seems like the 18-year-old youth icon has a very different dynamic with her Enola Holmes co-star than she has with her Stranger Things co-star. And it seems like the fan favorite Geralt of Rivia has his boundaries set, even with his detective sibling.

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown have boundaries set, and fans have some opinions about it

The Florence by Mills owner has notably been vocal about how the Man of Steel actor has kept strict boundaries in their seemingly sibling-like relationship. In an interview, per Deadline, Brown had explicitly mentioned how she is “not allowed to ask private questions,” to the latest Sherlock Holmes actor. One of the Instagram meme pages made a joke out of it asserting how Henry Cavill is curving his 20-plus years young co-star, Millie Bobby Brown.

Fans in the comment section react to it, claiming that the actress has this innate quality of being friendly to her co-stars and that saying certain phrases such as “Lesss goooo” may not always mean her intentions are flirtatious. After all, she already has a loving boyfriend and the British actors have made their relationship rather apparent. Some also call out Drake for his behavior toward Brown back when she was just 15.

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Have a look at a few of the fans’ comments below:

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