Millie Bobby Brown Garners Support From Fans as the Actress Mourns Her Grandfather’s Death

Millie Bobby Brown Garners Support From Fans as the Actress Mourns Her Grandfather’s Death

Millie Bobby Brown is among the actors who had to grow up way faster to adapt to the world she was put in. The Stranger Things actress was famously reported to be only twelve years old when the series wrapped Season 1 productions. Owing to the fact that she literally grew up in front of our eyes, fans look at her as one of their own.

Millie Bobby Brown’s fanbase and the Stranger Things fanbase, in general, are very protective of its cast. Be it who they are dating or if they smell anyone disrespecting the actors, they are always ready to throw hands. This also means that they are ready with open hands to provide comfort, condolence, and care whenever they need it.

The Godzilla actress, who is currently filming for her Netflix feature film Damsel, posted a tribute to her grandfather on the 16th of March. She shared a candid picture on her Instagram of her running towards her grandfather with the captionWe’ll miss you grandad,” paired with a white dove emoji. The blurry picture spoke a thousand words and mirrored Brown’s love for her grandfather.

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When fans saw the post, they immediately filled her comment section with comforting messages. Brown’s comment section under the post was a show of love put up by her fans, which is a very rare sight, especially on social media these days. From “Condolences Millie,” to “we are here for you,” the actress’s followers stood united to offer her comfort.

I’m sorry for your loss Mills,” wrote one fan.

Take care you have our support dear 😢❤️” read another comment.

Sending my love ❤️ rest in peace,” commented a fan named flobyholls.

I just know he is so proud of you mills,” assured a fan.

I’m so sorry for your loss Mills 🙁 he is watching over u 🫶” wrote a fan.

Did Millie Bobby Brown live with her grandparent?

Given the fact that Brown and her parents knew at a very young age that she was made for television, they did a lot of traveling. But despite the demanding task, her parents continued to motivate her. From Spain to England and then to Florida in the United States. Brown did not live with her grandparents, as her parents were willing to move wherever the job took her.

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The Enola Holmes actress has expressed in countless interviews how grateful she is for her family’s support. The loss of a close family member is one of the most difficult experiences and fans of Millie Bobby Brown shower her with love and support so that she can power through these difficult times.

Did you know that Millie Bobby Brown scored her breakthrough role ‘Eleven’ when she was only eleven years old? Let us know in the comments below.

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