Millie Bobby Brown Dons Glasses With White T-Shirt While Spending ‘Me Time’ With Her Hair Mask Routine

Millie Bobby Brown Dons Glasses With White T-Shirt While Spending ‘Me Time’ With Her Hair Mask Routine

While Millie Bobby Brown is majorly recognized for her role in the blockbuster show Stranger Things, the actress has also appeared in big movie roles, including Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Enola Holmes. The teenage star caught the attention of people when she was only 12 years old. After achieving fame as an actor, she has not only created a huge fandom but also taken a forever place in their hearts. Currently, she has around 60 million followers on Instagram, where she remains active regularly.

The Emmy-nominated star has restricted the usage of social media after being trolled and severely harassed by people. Despite this, the 18-year-old actor like to offer her true fans a glimpse behind the curtain from time to time. From posting photos with her boyfriend to promoting her upcoming projects, she shares many things. Taking some me time, Brown recently shared her hair mask routine donning glasses with a cute white t-shirt.

Millie Bobby Brown applies a hair mask in her latest video

Millie Bobby Brown recently went on social media to share a cute video on her Instagram story. The young icon posted a video in which she was applying the hair mask of her brand, Florence by Mills. She was wearing a doodled white t-shirt with hoop earrings and glasses.

We all know that Florence by Mills has become quite popular since its launch in 2019. Modern Family star used Mane Character Vibes Hair Mask in the video which cost $19.

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“Say bye-bye to thirsty hair with this deep conditioning hair mask that works to help smooth and hydrate our hair while also helping to prevent pesky flyaways and breakage during styling,” reads the product description on the website. Millie Bobby Brown has been constantly expanding the range of products, which are safe for customers and the planet as well.

Meanwhile, she is currently filming her new film Damsel and also joined the production team with Mazeau, Zack Roth, and Chris Castaldi. The movie revolves around Elodie who gets married to Prince Henry after her family pressurizes her. However, this marriage turns out to be a conspiracy against the protagonist who will be used as a sacrifice to a ravenous dragon.

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