Millie Bobby Brown and The Homophobic Meme: What is the controversy about and why is it trending?

Millie Bobby Brown and The Homophobic Meme: What is the controversy about and why is it trending?

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has acclaimed tremendous stardom with her works in the thriller mystery show. At just 18 years of age, she’s achieved the success that many young adults can not even think of. Right from 2016, when Strangers Things was first aired, she’s been the shiniest star on Netflix. But along with enormous fandom comes an equal amount of hatred. While it’s been ages since normal people have fallen victim to getting panned in memes and trolls, actors nowadays have also suffered big time due to internet trolling. And as it happens to the best of us, Millie Bobby Brown was no exception.

Normally the actress handles such offensives with much elegance, but this went a bit too harsh on the star. Millie reportedly remained sufficiently under the weather after being bullied online. It even led to the actress deleting her Twitter handle as well. But did you know what actually happened back then? Are you aware of the truth behind this controversy?

The truth behind Millie Bobby Brown and her so-called anti-gay sentiments

Sometimes, the internet takes a joke way too far. All must be aware of the homophobic propaganda that once erupted over social against Millie. Ignited by a woman who flamed the fire of Millie being allergic to homosexuals, this accidental campaign against the 18-year-old went way too long.

The woman shared a tweet online stating Millie pulled her hijab off her head while she asked her for a selfie. Following that, a similar tweet started to float: Millie lashed out at a gay man and broke his iPhone X. The news spread like wildfire and is still alive to this day. However, back in 2016-17, the internet was flooded with tags that said #TakedownMillieBobbyBrown.

The problem here is people do not tend to understand the thin line between jokes and humiliation. The jokes were hilarious and were originally made up for entertainment purposes. Because even the ones who made up the jokes knew Millie would never be held responsible for those things.

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Millie deactivated her Twitter account, not because of the jokes originally made but because people started actually thinking they were real situations. Getting cyber-bullied by someone who claims to be your die-hard fan is something that is not just tolerable. Especially against a 14-year-old child actress who was not even fully immune to such darker sides of the internet.

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