Millie Bobby Brown, 13 Tried to “sort something out” to Co-Host The Emmys After Her First Nomination

Millie Bobby Brown, 13 Tried to “sort something out” to Co-Host The Emmys After Her First Nomination

It’s been 6 long years since the Netflix Original Stranger Things came out. Ever since, we have made a beautiful bond with the series and its cast. We are always keen to know and imitate our favorite actor or actress. Actress Millie Bobby Brown is one such. She has done such a stunning job in the sinister drama as Eleven that she bagged two Emmy Awards nominations: One in 2017 and the other in 2018. And in 2022, we were so sure that Brown would be nominated once again for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case and fans have been sharing their disappointment on various social media platforms. However, all the talks revolving around Brown and the Emmys sent us back to her 2017’s interview with Stephen Colbert when he congratulated her for doing such a fantastic job in the series. Later, as he congratulated her for the well-deserved Emmy nomination, the actress grabbed the opportunity and tried to negotiate something related to the awards.

13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown asked Colbert if she could co-host the Emmys

So, when Colbert congratulated Brown, he randomly joked that he is the host of 2017’s Emmys and could fix the award for her. Millie Bobby Brown wittily continued on the joke and tried to negotiate her place as a co-host in the ceremony. She said, “Yeah, I think we should sort something out. I think I should be your co-host.” She further said she would wink at something he said, and at that very moment, he would announce the name in the envelope was Millie Bobby Brown.

To which, Colbert responded, “Just laugh at any of my jokes, and I will be happy to do whatever you want.” They discussed many other things in the show while Colbert was cracking random jokes now and then. Well, MBB gracefully did the job of laughing ’em out loud.

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What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Millie Bobby Brown and Stephen Colbert would make a stunning pair to host the Emmys? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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