Miles Miller Had a Very Positive View at Losing Academy Award Winning Film ‘La La Land’ to Ryan Gosling Back in 2016

Miles Miller Had a Very Positive View at Losing Academy Award Winning Film ‘La La Land’ to Ryan Gosling Back in 2016

A blockbuster miracle Top Gun: Maverick, an Academy Award-winning Whiplash, critically acclaimed Divergent trilogy, one would say Miles Teller definitely knows how to tell between a successful venture and one that is not. The American actor stepped foot into the industry, not more than a decade ago, and by the end of it, he stood among one of the most applauded and sought-after actors in the industry. However, in 2016 Miles Miller lost a role to none other than Ryan Gosling. In 2016,  Damien Chazelle, the brilliant director behind the Oscar-award-winning film Whiplash, decided to make musical and cinema brilliance with La La Land.

While Teller was his heartbroken jazz pianist at first, Teller later on dropped out of the project due to prior engagements. Even though Danielle Chazelle found his perfect Sebastian Wilder, Teller, with his wide acting range paired next to Emma Stone, would not have been a bad choice either. While there are many actors who to date remain bitter for losing a role to another actor, especially one that becomes an Oscar magnet, Miles Teller has decided to turn a new leaf and has only good things to say when asked about his lost treasure, La La Land.

Miles Teller has no regrets about losing La La Land to Ryan Gosling

After falling out of Danielle Chazelle’s La La Land, Miles Teller was a part of War Dogs and Allegiant in 2016. None of which reached the level of success and critical acclaim that La La Land did. However, Miles Teller is a believer that “everything happens for a reason,” as he said in his 2016 interview with Vanity Fair.

“I’m happy Damien made the film he wanted to make,” the Divergent actor said on losing the role to Ryan Gosling. Miles Teller, alongside Harry Potter fame Emma Watson was the original casting for Sebastian Wild and Mia Dolan. But both the actors dropped out due to prior engagements, and Chazelle’s characters landed with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

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When asked if he ever regretted letting go of the movie once its name was repeatedly announced at the Academy awards the actor’s answer remained the same. He added, “I think once you start getting envious of accolades, it’s never going to be enough.”

His optimistic approach toward things, paired with top-notch acting skills made the actor the star he is today. Currently, the actor is bathing in the glorious reviews of Top Gun: Maverick alongside Tom Hardy.

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