Mike Flanagan and Rahul Kohli Defend ‘Midnight Mass’ for This “Major” Complaint, Ahead of ‘The Midnight Club’ Release

Mike Flanagan and Rahul Kohli Defend ‘Midnight Mass’ for This “Major” Complaint, Ahead of ‘The Midnight Club’ Release

Mike Flanagan is Netflix’s uncrowned king of horror with a treasure trove of spooky and eerie shows in his arsenal. Right from the thrilling home invasion, Hush in 2016, Flanagan has churned out one scary show after another. With all of them backed by amazing storytelling, Flanagan is extremely proud of each of his creations. As an expert in the genre, it is only natural for the filmmaker to be an advocate of his shows and stand by his narrative choices. That is exactly what he did for his 2021 release, Midnight Mass.

Unlike most of his previous works that were adaptations, Midnight Mass was an original story that entirely belongs to him. After multiple failed attempts, Netflix finally greenlit the miniseries about a seemingly quaint town with a twisted secret. With his latest project, The Midnight Club, on the brink of its release, Mike Flanagan had to stand behind his storytelling style for the Midnight Mass firmly. Let’s find out what happened.

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Mike Flanagan and Rahul Kohli stand by Midnight Mass

In an interview with Empire, Flanagan opened up about his newest release and revealed that he “wouldn’t subject a viewer of The Midnight Club to an eight-minute monologue.” Recently, Screenrant, a well-known publishing site, seemed to have misinterpreted the above quote. While Flanagan’s different approach to The Midnight Club stems from the fact that it is a Young Adult show, the media house misunderstood it as “avoiding one of the pitfalls” of Midnight Mass.

The comment “major complaint” clearly did not sit right with the creator of the show. Defending his horror thriller, Mike Flanagan took to Twitter and called out the web publisher. Proud of his show, he even declared that he “wouldn’t change a word” in it.

Rahul Kohli, or Sheriff Hassan Shabazz from Midnight Mass, also stood by his show. Exasperated by the Screenrant, the British actor claimed he would “ask for a longer monologue” if there was a do-over. Screenrant has since made amendments and changed the title of their article and updated the said piece with both Flanagan’s and Kohli’s reactions.

Do you agree with Mike Flanagan, or did the monologues bother you? Let us know in the comments. If anything, this altercation just made us even more excited for The Midnight Club, which will premiere on October 1. Until then, why do you not re-watch Midnight Mass streaming on Netflix?

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