Michelle Buteau Remembers the Weird Hair Stories and Banana Bread From Yhe Stranger Things Like Time of Her Life

Michelle Buteau Remembers the Weird Hair Stories and Banana Bread From Yhe Stranger Things Like Time of Her Life

The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic has been really hard for all of us. But ever wonder what it might have done to people who master the art of being happy and keeping others around them happy as well? The super hilarious aqmerican stand up comedian Michelle Buteau brought back to us her lockdown experiences of the pandemic.

While giving us a few references from the most popular show on Netflix, Stranger Things, she told the audience how her lockdown started as a most desirable holiday to an intolerable messy stretch of time. Here’s what it was all about.

Michelle Buteau talks about her Stranger Things-like happening during the quarantine

The stand up comedian got her audience laughing their lungs out while talking about all her usual-quarantine stuff as all of us. From baking banana breads and a cup of dalgona coffee, we’ve all been there. The lockdown let the hidden chefs and artists and dancers and singers and what not out of us. Similar was the life of Michelle Buteau who couldn’t understand how a holiday of two weeks ended up as a three years of imprisonment.

While talking about her friends, she said they all underwent a drastic change of fashion sense that looked straight out of the upside down of Stranger Things. “Friends who had hairs went bald and those who were bald had hairs at the end of the lockdown” said Michelle. “I was more excited to meet my hairdresser than I was to meet my own mother” she added.

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Social media is one crazy place and we all know how ridiculously addicted and simultaneously annoyed we had got with it during the 2020s and 2021s. Michelle also remembered her Instagram stories around that time and her asking the fans to drop their favourite quotes in the time of peril. Laughing at herself, she got the audience a heart full of laughter talking about her stupid stories and activities on the social media platforms.

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