Memes Takes Over Twitter on Eddie Murphy’s Recreation of Will Smith Slapgate

Memes Takes Over Twitter on Eddie Murphy’s Recreation of Will Smith Slapgate

Will Smith recently reaped the consequences of his actions at the 2022 Academy Awards after fans backed out from his comeback movie Emancipation. People were not ready to see the Bad Boys star on the silver screen only months after the slapgate. The world might remember this infamous incident that escalated quickly, making headlines on the news the very next day.

The French Prince, who couldn’t bear the disrespect of his beloved wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, stormed the stage and smacked the host. It all started with a joke made by Chris Rock which offended the medical condition of the actress. At the beginning of the year, fans once again look at the wildest moment of 2022 as Eddie Murphy recreates the notorious feud.

Fans make merry on the Will Smith joke of Eddie Murphy 

On Tuesday, the American actor Eddie Murphy stepped on the 80th Golden Globes Awards stage to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award. While the 61-year-old star had much to share about the experiences of life. Much to the audiences’ surprise, he made a joke about last year’s Academy Awards when Will Smith hit the host.

“It’s very simple, just do these three things: Pay your taxes, mind your business — and keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out your f—ing mouth!” said the comedian. The Dr. Dolittle star commented on this grave controversy in such a hilarious way that fans instantly picked it. And this is the first time that people have found this incident funny since Will Smith has only received criticism for it.

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The video is frequently circulating on the internet as fans go crazy about how the Emmy winner turned slapgate into success advice. One fan posted the speech clip saying: “Eddie Murphy would be the only person to make a Will Smith joke that was actually funny LOL.” 

A second fan remarked LMMMAAOOOOOOO Eddie Murphy shared three pieces of advice for up-and-comers in the industry & one of them is: “Keep Will Smith’s wife’s name out your f—ing mouth!”

“The best part about last night’s #GoldenGlobes? Eddie Murphy used his acceptance speech to take a shot (slap?) at Will Smith. Murphy’s still got it!” added another. 

Would you follow the blueprint that Eddie Murphy followed for a successful career? Tell us your views in the comments!

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