Will The ‘Denounce and Bounce’ Strategy Work for Meghan Markle in Long Run? Royal Critic Has a Say on It

Will The ‘Denounce and Bounce’ Strategy Work for Meghan Markle in Long Run? Royal Critic Has a Say on It

With Prince Harry’s memoir Spare and the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the shift between 2022 and 2023 observed Buckingham Palace taking care of more leaks than Titanic. The royal dignitaries who quit their service to the throne after Meghan Markle reportedly accused her in-laws of treating her differently, seem to be on a mission to sink the royal boat. Well, that is not all. The couple who moved to California to build their own future revealed a plethora of dirty secrets of the British Monarchy, causing immense trouble for those who reside behind the gilded doors of the palace.

As for the distant observers, the netizens, and the media, everyone is always speculating whether all this is out of pure vengeance or a vendetta to expose the little-known truths of the royal family and the British tabloids. While the citizens stand divided with some sympathizing with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and others objecting to their claims, one of the royal critics recently shared their two cents on it.

Amidst everything that is going on between the royal palace and Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, the royal critic found a middle ground

Penning his words for Vogue Online, royal critic Raven Smith addressed that Prince William will have a lot at stake if he “rocks the boat.” He further asserted that they already made a mistake by actively being racist towards her and harming the sentiments of the royal woman (of color). They should have embraced her presence and represented the modernity they are often keen on portraying.

But it did not happen and after a long period of patience and observation, both the former actress Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry decided to “denounce and bounce” using their free rights. As per Smith, even that would not work in the long run. The tell-all memoir of the ex-senior royals played the cards against monarchy and laid many royal follies on the public table because the palace failed to accept and respect a woman of color.

However, even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be able to fulfill their cause. Because as long as the British royal family exists, the palace will continue to prevail in all its glory. And all such controversies, per his vogue article, will be a part of the royal journey. If any further hard-to-digest revelations and creepy crawlies are yet to be exposed, it will rarely matter, and the world, according to the writer, will always be making wild speculations.

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