Meghan Markle Raised Royal Family’s Fashion Budget by 2 Million Euros Post-engagement With Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle Raised Royal Family’s Fashion Budget by 2 Million Euros Post-engagement With Prince Harry?

Glocked tucked, big-t-shirt, Billie Eilish can be recreated into sleek hair, high heels, Meghan Markle without any qualms if Armani White is up for it. Although not a pop star, Markle, with her smart dress choices at various royal events, has become the new fashion star. The Duchess of Sussex’s choice of dressing has received a nod of approval from the fashion police as they praise her effortless yet classy looks.

While the debate about her fashion more recently has been inclined towards how a certain senior royal member seems to be copying it, once it was about the massive rise in the clothing budget ever since Markle entered the equation.

Meghan Markle’s royal entry proved to be expensive

The royals do not have to purchase their own clothing for public appearances. The clothing expenses are covered by the fund, which comes from now King Charles. And it was reported that Markle’s expensive style has led to the clothing budget increasing by almost 2 million euros. While Markle always won the fashion war in the royal family, it was not always about how expensive her clothes were.

The Duchess of Sussex has an eye for patterns and colors, which makes her dressing sense impeccable. The clothing budget in the year before her marriage to Prince Harry was around 3.52 million euros. And in the year of Markle’s engagement skyrocketed to 4.96 million Euros.

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However, saying that it was Markle that caused the splurge would be wrong, not only morally but also factually. The rise in the clothing budget may very well be because of the increase in royal appearances made by Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

Did Meghan Markle pay for her own dresses?

Another reason why the splurge in the clothing budget is highly likely not because of Meghan Markle is that she purchased some of her most famous fashion outfits with her own money. The royal family did not pay for any of Markle’s dresses before she got married and officially became a member.

However, the noise around her exquisite dressing sense erupted ever since she moved to London. According to Marie Claire, Meghan Markle spent almost 30,000 Euros on the dresses she wore at royal events she attended before her marriage.

Do you think Meghan Markle was the reason behind the splurge in the clothing budget? Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Raised Royal Family’s Fashion Budget by 2 Million Euros Post-engagement With Prince Harry?

  1. Reply
    Dani E Danguilan
    January 29, 2023 at 3:03 am

    If she paid most of her outfits, why this even been in question ? She’s a movie star and she knows how to dress. Most of all, she personally paid for most of her outfits.

  2. Reply
    January 30, 2023 at 12:33 am

    Megan Markle cares about, only herself. She has controlled poor Harry from the start. She is a gold-digger and out for publicity as much as possible and does not care the harm she is doing to Harry or the Royal Family. Her time is coming and She Will Pay!

  3. Reply
    Robin Bucceri
    January 30, 2023 at 2:42 am

    She is not Princess Meghan, she is not of royal blood! He clothing bills after marriage cost more than any other royal woman in Europe! She was too extravagant!

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