Meghan Markle Has Turned a Blind Eye to Her Impact on King Charles’ Monarchy, Claims Royal Expert

Meghan Markle Has Turned a Blind Eye to Her Impact on King Charles’ Monarchy, Claims Royal Expert

As the sudden demise of Queen Elizabeth ll has changed everything at the Royal Palace, Meghan Markle still stands indifferent to the customs of the royals. Since King Charles III has now taken up the throne, there will be more changes inside the royal house and in the lives of Prince Harry and his family.

The couple got married in 2018, following their decision to leave their titles and responsibilities as a member of the Royals. However, Meghan has been openly talking about the issues that she faced at the palace. However, the differences between the Suits star and the Royal Family played a major role in the discrepancies. The royal commentator and expert opened up about these differences which might affect the reign of King Charles III.

Meghan Markle turns a blind eye to her impact on the King’s monarchy

Since the day the couple left the palace, the Duchess has been accused several times for various reasons. As King Charles III has taken up the throne, a royal commentator spoke about Meghan’s carelessness towards the impact of her words and actions. Jonathan Sacerdoti is a royal commentator and journalist, who pointed out the differences between the actor and the royals.

According to Jonathan, Meghan came to the family a little later than other non-royal members, especially spouses. As claimed by Jonathan, she has come from the world of modeling and acting rather than royalty. Therefore, she doesn’t have experience in handling the press and fame as a royal member. These two are vastly different backgrounds that are combined.

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Thus, it is certainly fair if Meghan’s methods of getting fame and publicity don’t work for the Royal Family. So, those who dislike her might say, “She’s deliberate about it now and she doesn’t maybe care about the damage it might do the Royal Family.” However, those others would merely know that she doesn’t understand how things work at the palace. In an interview once, the Suits star admitted her ignorance about the workings of the Royals.

But despite that, she had time to learn them and understand them. The commentator says Meghan learned the workings of the inside, but she just didn’t like how it worked.

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Are these allegations on the Duchess proof of her being carelessness about her impact on the monarchy?

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