Meghan Markle Had THIS Reaction After Prince Harry Told Her about His Fight With Prince William

Meghan Markle Had THIS Reaction After Prince Harry Told Her about His Fight With Prince William

Meghan Markle and Prince have become accustomed to the Royal Palace and its bizarre ways of getting things done. Although Harry’s nuclear excerpts might drive us up the wall, back in the day, his wife saw all of it coming. As Prince Harry writes in his memoir, the Royal feud continued to intensify until ending up in a physical altercation in London. The news shocked the world but did not affect his wife. And she has an understandable reason behind the same. 

No one could save the Imperial Family from going down the shambles, not even the Royals themselves. A royal fallout was inevitable. However, we were not exactly expecting such an extraordinary fistfight between the Royal brothers. Prince William calling Meghan Markle a rude and abrasive woman justifiably pressed the trigger button for Harry following which he was knocked down and bruised by his brother.

Meghan Markle was sad but not surprised 

Soon after the painful showdown, Prince Harry made up his mind that they needed to get out of there. As per The Guardian who Reportedly has a leaked copy of Spare, Prince Harry kept the lid on and did not let Meghan Markle know everything in detail. However, Markle knew something was seriously wrong. Moments after Harry reached home after the traumatic events of the day, his wife, the Duchess noticed the “bruises and scrapes” on his back. 

Although that was not the intention of Prince William it was the effect. However, surprisingly Meghan Markle was not taken back in shock but was extremely sad. Her heart broke that the matter escalated between the two of her although there were other causes in the pair’s nasty brawl. As the Duke writes himself, his elder brother grabbed him by his collar and thrashed him onto the ground. Prince Harry, unfortunately, fell with force on the dog’s bowl which left him with visible injuries on his back. 

Following the said summit of 2019 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walked out through the Palace’s doors with immediate effect. Ever since then, Diana’s sons lay estranged from their separate family lives. The pair last appeared together displaying a unified front at the Queen’s funeral in September 2022. 

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What do you think of Meghan’s reaction to Prince Harry’s fisticuffs with William? How did you feel about reading the Spare excerpts? Let us know in the comments below. 

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