Meghan Markle Gets Candid About Her Kids Joining Entertainment Industry, Says “They’re part of a legacy”

Meghan Markle Gets Candid About Her Kids Joining Entertainment Industry, Says “They’re part of a legacy”

Meghan Markle was once a significant face of the famous legal drama series Suits for more than 100 episodes. She got her signature role as Rachel Zane in 2011 but gave up her career in television in 2018. Because the former actress found herself entangled in a beautiful love story with Prince Harry, so she left everything behind to start a life with her husband and became Duchess of Sussex in May 2018. Now she is carrying on a happy life in California with Duke Harry and two beautiful kids, Archie and Lilibet.

The Bench author has been investing her time and energy in society as she is a vocal feminist working to support women’s rights and social justice. As for her acting career, the Duchess has no desire to come on-screen anytime soon. However, she has a different opinion about her kids joining the entertainment industry. What does she want for her kids, as they are all part of the royal family?

Meghan Markle wants her children to make independent choices for their career

In a recent cover story of Variety, published Wednesday, October 19, Meghan Markle got candid about her kids’ career choices. During the conversation, the 41-year-old star was asked: “What would you say if one of your kids came to you in 10 or 15 years and said, “I want a career in entertainment”?

In her answer to the question, Duchess stated parents always want the best for their kids and only wish happiness for them.

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“They’re our kids, obviously, and they’re part of a legacy and a tradition and a family that will have other expectations,” explained Markle. However, she mentioned that she wants her to children to explore things on their own and to choose their path free from others’ expectation.

She also shared how she would support them if they desired to follow in their mother’s footsteps as she revealed, “I would say, ‘Great!’” Furthermore, she stated that they are grooming their kids to be “multidimensional, interesting, kind, creative people.” Therefore, their talent and skills will define them in whatever field they choose to be.

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What do you think about Meghan Markle being a supportive mommy? Would you like to see one of her kids in the entertainment industry? Let us know in the comments!

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