Meghan Markle’s Dream Run on Spotify Ends; Archetypes Slips to 77th Position

Meghan Markle’s Dream Run on Spotify Ends; Archetypes Slips to 77th Position

A few months back in August, Meghan Markle set the ranking charts on fire with her podcast Archetypes. The Spotify podcast that aims to discuss the troops and labels that hold women back had a stunning debut. The first episode featuring the tennis sensation Serena Williams topped the ranking charts.

The second episode with Mariah Carey also continued the domination as Archetypes’ dream run on the first position was intact. However, with ten episodes gone by, there has been a major dip in the podcast rankings. Meghan Markle is no more successful in binding the people to the show that releases a new episode every week. The rankings released by the audio streaming service on Monday saw Archetypes’ latest episode languishing at the 77th position in the United States.

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Meghan Markle lost to a podcast of soothing music

As suggested by the Spotify rankings, the tenth episode titled The Audacity of the Activists with Jameela Jamil & Shohreh Aghdashloo failed to even surpass a music-based podcast that provides soothing music to put the little ones to sleep. The 77th ranking for the latest episode is a major blow to Meghan Markle. In the episode, the Duchess made some revelations about her royal wedding

A very influential personality had advised Markle just before her wedding to Prince Harry to not lose her activism. Another highlighted part of the show was British actor Jameela Jamil slamming the media for carrying out a trial on the former American actress on a daily basis. 

Meanwhile, the Archetypes series is doing comparatively well in the ranking charts. It is occupying the 22nd place. Along with Markle, Spotify is also eager for Archetypes to do well as they have paid a staggering amount of $18 million to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a three-year deal. It was just a few days back that Archetypes found itself getting nominated for the Best Pop Podcast 2022 for the People’s Choice Awards. 

A broadcasting expert reflected on the Spotify rankings as mentioned by the Daily Mail saying, “The main Spotify podcast ranking does allow them to promote their new shows. They could be doing this for Meghan.”

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    November 24, 2022 at 2:06 am

    Meghans podcast is simple boring. I’ve watched three and it just could not hold my interest. I wanted to hear from the guest, but meghan just goes on and on about herself. She should rename the podcast “ALL ABOUT MEGHAN”. She also basically lies about alot of things which is shocking on a 41 year old woman. Why???? I also don’t recognize alot of her guests. She needs bigger names and keep her mouth shut.

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