Meghan Markle Apparently Had “childhood dreams of marrying prince charming,” Claims Emmy-Winner Brian Cox

Meghan Markle Apparently Had “childhood dreams of marrying prince charming,” Claims Emmy-Winner Brian Cox

Backlashes and criticism are nothing new to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. After stepping into the royal family as the wife of Prince Harry, the former American actress has been susceptible to trenchant controversies to grasp any member of the UK Sovereigns ever to this date. Joining the list of critiques, the Duchess now has an Emmy-winning actor, Brian Cox, commenting on her life’s turmoil following her marriage. 

Brian Cox on Meghan Markle
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The Succession star, Brian Cox, in his new Haute Living New Your Interview seems to have shared his bare thoughts on Meghan Markle. Speaking of how she must have thought before taking a life-changing decision, Cox thinks she must be now immune to it. 

The star, in fact, alleged that Meghan Markle harbored “childhood dreams of marrying a Prince charming” even before coming across her now husband, Prince Harry. Speaking of how the dispute spiraled within the family leading to the infamous Megxit, Cox said, “I mean, she knew what she was getting into”.

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Having suggested a few words to Markle, the star then clearly stated his detest for the royal family and its ways 

Brian Cox believes Meghan Markle should move on from the Monarchy 

Having explained how we cannot expect the royal family to change for good, Brian Cox affirmed that Markle could not have just gone into a system where everyone is trained to behave in a certain way for ages. Despite the changing life and times, the Suits actress could not have just expected “them to cut themselves off” owing to the differences between the easy-go freestyle living flair of America to that of the rigid royal protocols at the Palace of the United Kingdom. 


Thus, in his opinion, it would be only better for Meghan Markle to “move on” from the royal family. Not only did he lay his affirmation on the Duchess of Sussex, but Brian Cox also confessed his aversion to the system of monarchy. According to him, “we shouldn’t have a monarchy,” It was not viable, he further acclaimed. “It does not make any sense, f*ck it,” he added before concluding. 

Do you agree with the statements of the Emmy-winning actor? Or do you have something else to chip in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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    Jami Southard
    March 19, 2023 at 7:34 am

    Selling montecito has nothing to do with frogmore. They were living way above their means anyway. Neither one of them have any real skills. Cable TV actress, pothead prince. Now they will move on to pimping their prince and princess children . hopefully they go to New York, far from here!

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