Meghan Markle Annoyed Over the Depiction of Ex Royals on South Park; Might Sue the Creators

Meghan Markle Annoyed Over the Depiction of Ex Royals on South Park; Might Sue the Creators

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s move to the US amidst the backlash in 2020 created several headlines. But fans turned sympathetic towards the estranged royals after their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview. They earned supporters following their exit and reveals, which made their Netflix documentary the success that it is.

The documentary revealed some more intimate details about the couple and their life at home. But it was the best-selling memoir of Prince Harry that caused a downward current in their popularity. Especially since the many inaccuracies in the book slowly got revealed. Now the adult animation show, South Park, has taken a swipe at the royal couple and their predicament. And it is not sitting well with the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle is annoyed with the South Park spoof 

Archie’s mother is clearly not impressed with South Park makers mocking them in the show. In fact, she refuses to watch the show, reports The Spectator.

The Worldwide Privacy Tour episode premiered on February 15th, on Comedy Central, which took a rather clever dig at the Sussexs. The episode revolved around Prince and Princess of Canada who are advocating their need for privacy and yet put themselves again and again in the spotlight. It doesn’t take long to figure out who the creators are referring to.

A flame-haired Prince and his wife wearing the same dusty pink outfit that Meghan Markle wore to Trooping the Colour in 2018 are seen holding a Privacy placard. They are also seen holding a publicity tour for the prince’s Waaagh book, which is a direct reference to Harry’s Spare. South Park also recreated several of Meghan’s magazine covers. 

The couple is planning to sue the show. But the makers, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone haven’t received any legal correspondence yet. Reportedly, the couple’s lawyers are still going over the whole matter. Meanwhile, the question of the couple attending the coronation still persists.

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The Sussexes will take a backseat in King’s Coronation

The Sussexes haven’t yet confirmed whether they will show up at the event or not. However, even if they show up, they are most likely to sit at the back, separate from the working royals much like the Queen’s platinum jubilee. In fact, most likely, Harry will not pay homage to King Charles but Prince William will. 

Do you think South Park will face any legal ramifications with the portrayal of the Sussexes on the show?

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